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11 Amazing Wood Carving Ideas Perfect For The Season

wood-wood-work-carving-wood | 11 Amazing Wood Carving Ideas Perfect For The Season | Featured

A few blocks of wood can bring in many possibilities, but you can bring a dream into reality with one of these wood carving ideas.

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11 Fall-Ready Wood Carving Ideas to Start Right Now

1. Wooden Spoon

wooden-spoon-trowel-creator-forks | wood

Hand-carved wood décor’s great, but why not take it to the next level and make something you will be able to use regularly?

Many beginners carve a wooden spoon as their first wood carving project for a variety of reasons: It’s quick, simple, and works well with a variety of wood types.

2. Wood Block Coasters

cup of coffee placed on beige wooden paddle with chrome spoon | wood carving

Make some coasters out of all that scrap wood you’ve accumulated across multiple projects. Just stack some wood to as big as you want the coasters to be, glue them together, and carve them off into the right size.

If you’re feeling too creative, you can add patterns to it.

3. Chess Pieces

chess-lady-king-chess-pieces | wood carving kit

A game of chess need not be the same. Some hand-carved chess pieces add a touch of character to your board and can be a great conversation starter before you start your first match.

4. Beach Bowls

girls-hand-pours-milk-bottle-into | wood carving tools

Looking for wood carving ideas you can easily use at home? Making wooden beach bowls is like creating a wooden spoon, except bigger.

You can then use this to create a nice fruit bowl that’s both a nice treat and a wonderful table centerpiece.

5. Animal Figurines

wooden-toys-on-books | wood carving

Why not carve out some animals of various shapes and sizes? Depending on your skill level, you can go from simple shapes, to more intricate, realistic designs.

You can then paint your animal figures for an even more colorful touch.

6. Chip Carving Wood Art

3cIvvzjE6Lk person using chisel while using curving wood | wood carving knife

Chip carving’s perfect for someone who wants to start woodworking but doesn’t have the space to invest in some power tools. All you need is a block of wood and a wood carving knife.

Start with a simple pattern and chip away the wood pieces with a chip carving knife. As you get more experienced, you can try out even more intricate patterns.

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7. Letter Opener

Carving a letter opener makes use of simple cuts even beginners can do, yet creates a very pleasing result. Opening letters will not be such a chore after this.

8. Garden Gnomes

qPKIavVhb6I blue and brown ceramic figuring | wood carving tools

Carve out this cheerful-looking gnome and provide your garden with some company while you chill indoors and think of more wood carving ideas.

Let your imagination run wild while carving wood. Use your skills to build some familiar characters, or turns your visions into reality with some original creations.

9. Whistle

whistle-music-woodwind-instrument | carved wood

Did you know that you can whittle a little whistle in less than 10 minutes? It may take a bit of practice to make one that actually works, but it also serves as a way to practice your basic wood carving tools and skills.

10. Christmas Ornaments

photo-of-angel-figurine-standing-on-garland | wood

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree and carve yourself some Christmas ornaments. You can even share the holiday spirit and give some one-of-a-kind gifts for your family and friends to hang on their trees.

11. Forest Spirits

tree-face-forest-spirit-carving | wood art

For the more advanced woodcarvers, creating some wood spirits can really test your skills and precision. You can use any branch to carve these whimsical pieces, but we suggest using more sturdy types of wood for something more long-lasting.

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Check out this video from Woodworking Art to see their very cool wood carving art of a Ford Ranger Raptor:

Wood carving is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can undertake. There’s nothing more fulfilling than turning one of these wood carving ideas into tangible reality.

What is your favorite wood carving project? Share yours in the comments section below!

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