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How to Take Pallets Apart the Safe Way | Pallet Projects

All pallet projects require the safe starting point: a neatly broken down pallet. We'll show you how to take apart pallets the safe way so you can get started on exciting DIY projects. Pallet Projects There are hundreds of projects you can do with pallets, and finding those pallets for free or very little money generally isn't difficult. Once you get the pallets home, you …Continue Reading

This DIY Etch-a-Sketch Coffee Table Will Impress All Your Friends

This DIY Etch-a-Sketch coffee table is NOT your average IKEA furniture piece. Did you grow up tinkering with a toy Etch-a-Sketch? Did you create masterpieces (or just terrible squiggle portraits), just to have them shaken away? Then buckle your nostalgia belts: this DIY project is going to transport you to the good ol' days -- if the good ol' days were a heck of a lot more …Continue Reading

How To Shoot Professional Looking Photographs At Home

Learn how to take studio-quality photographs at home...without spending a dime. How To Shoot Professional Looking Photographs At Home See the image of the bottle of soap above? You would think that a professional shot that photograph, in a studio filled with expensive lights, dozens of tripods and reflectors and a backdrop that would be impossible to set up in your …Continue Reading

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