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Most Affordable Garage Wall Storage Kits We Found On Amazon

Garage Wall Storage Kits

Having a messy garage usually relates to having tools not neatly organized. Good thing we have wrapped up the best garage wall storage kits you can find on Amazon for a tidy space for all your power tools and hand tools.

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Best Wall Storage For Your Garage From Amazon

1. Wall Control Pegboard Organizer | $139.99

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer | Most Affordable Garage Wall Storage Kits You Can See In Amazon | Wall storage
Wall Control Pegboard Organizer Photo by Amazon

This pegboard organizer is very easy to install and comes with all the materials needed to mount it on the wall.

There is no need to worry about getting your tools organized properly in your garage as the Wall Control organizer can make your space look neat and tidy. It also provides 10.5 square feet of space.

2. Wallmaster Garage Storage Wall Mount Rack | $69.99

Wallmaster Garage Storage Organization System | Most Affordable Garage Wall Storage Kits You Can See In Amazon | Garage storage wall rack
Wallmaster Garage Wall Mount Rack Photo by Amazon

This easy-to-install wall mount rack for your garage is perfect for keeping bigger tools such as folding chairs, garden tools, power tools, and outdoor equipment organized. It has up to 15 hook attachments that can carry a total of 420 lbs.

3. Lynk Sports Rack Organizer | $37.98

Sports Rack Organizer by Lynk | Most Affordable Garage Wall Storage Kits You Can See In Amazon | rack organizer
Lynk Sports Rack Organizer Photo by Amazon

For keeping all your sports equipment in place, the Lynk sports rack organizer can hold all kinds of balls, shoes, baseball bats and gloves, tennis rackets, and even hats. It is 39-1/2 inches wide and includes all the necessary hardware needed for installment.

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4. Imillet Mop and Broom Holder | $19.99

mop and broom holder by Imillet | Most Affordable Garage Wall Storage Kits You Can See In Amazon | wall storage mop holder
Imillet Mop and Broom Holder Photo by Amazon

It’s not always about power tools or garden tools. You might forget but cleaning tools such as mops and brooms need to be stored properly as well.

That is where a mop and broom holder comes in. Most people tend to just leave these cleaning tools standing by the corner but a proper way to organize your space is by mounting it on the wall as well.

5. StoreYourBoard Tool Rack and Storage Shelf | $134.99

Tool Rack and Storage by StoreYourBoard | Most Affordable Garage Wall Storage Kits You Can See In Amazon | Wall storage
StoreYourBoard Tool Rack and Storage Photo by Amazon

This one practically combines everything we have in this list into one product. The only con is it may limit the storage space since everything gets cramped in one space.

It can hold tools with long handles and properly carry hand tools with its rack on top. You can also hang small tools with its built-in hooks.

Watch this video from Lowe’s Home Improvement for ideas on how to organize your garage like a pro:

Your garage can serve many purposes aside from parking your vehicles. It can also serve as a storage space and can even turn into your own workspace for all your woodworking projects. However, one problem most people encounter is having a very messy space. Installing shelves can help but can also eat up space.

Having wall storage organizers is the best way to make your garage look neat even if you have a lot of tools to keep. The products above can help you think of ways to keep your space tidy without breaking the bank.

Is your Amazon cart ready? Which product do you think is the best item for your garage? Tell us in the comments below. We highly recommend getting the Wall Control Pegboard Organizer for your garage wall storage needs.


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