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11 Tufted Headboard Tutorials | DIY Tufted Headboard

Looking for DIY tufted headboard ideas? When I step inside a bedroom and see a beautiful headboard, it always seems to enhance the room's interior considerably.  It looks way too much for your budget but good thing there are available tutorials online.  Tutorials that are not only easy to follow but will leave you in awe with your own piece of work. 11 Tufted Headboard …Continue Reading

How to Make DIY Marquee Letters

DIY Marquee Letters are a fun DIY project, perfect for birthdays, home decor and more!   Been thinking about what you can make to dress up your boring wall. Maybe you want to personalize a space or need unique signage for a party? Then you've come in the right place. DIY Marquee Letters have become super popular because they're cheap - you can basically use excess …Continue Reading

How to Make a DIY Flower Headband | DIY Tutorials

Make a DIY Flower Headband and you'll feel like a fairy princess every day! Love to see flowers in bloom? Why not have them bloom right on top of your head! We'll take you through the simple steps necessary to make a DIY flower headband. I've seen similar hairbands at Anthropologie, but they're SO expensive! This floral beauty is cheap and looks even better than store …Continue Reading

5 DIY Ideas for a Peaceful Bedroom

5 DIY Ideas for a Peaceful Bedroom As the place you go to relax, unwind and – most importantly – sleep, your bedroom should represent a tranquil haven that clears your mind and recharges your batteries. However, if you find that your bedroom is more chaotic than calming, it may be time for a makeover. Here are some easy and modestly-priced DIY tips for creating a more soothing …Continue Reading

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