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Make Your Own Color Block Crayon Candles

If you're looking to add a pop of color to your home, look no further! These color block crayon candles are a fantastic addition to any room, and they're a great DIY project for recycling broken crayons. Best of all, all you need are a few household items. This tutorial is surprisingly simple and inexpensive, and the geometric designs are totally unique. Make Your Own Color …Continue Reading

10 Awesome Crate and Barrel Hacks On A Budget

Love Crate and Barrel, but just can't bring yourself to spend your hard earned money on the high prices? These awesome Crate and Barrel hacks will ensure you get the same beautiful look in your home decor for so much less! Stop thinking about your budget and start hacking your way into your Crate and Barrel coveted items. 10 Awesome Crate and Barrel Hacks Crate and Barrel is …Continue Reading

13 DIY Master Bedroom Makeover For Grown Ups

Looking for DIY master bedroom makeover? Want to make your bedroom look more mature? If this is you, then sit back and enjoy this list of DIY bedroom makeover ideas! Even if your day is full of chaos, your bedroom is the place where you should always be able to gather yourself and regroup - no kids, no disturbing outside world noises (even though there are times that kids …Continue Reading

15 Easy Seashell Crafts To Bring The Beach Indoors

Looking for seashell crafts? If you want some easy seashell crafts, then check out this list and bring the beach into your home! There's nothing like watching summer draw to a close and realizing it's going to be a full year until the sand, sun and fun is back at your doorstep. So why not try to hold on to this happy time of year by incorporating seashell themed decor in …Continue Reading

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