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How to Make Raspberry Lemonade Jello Shots

If you've had your fair share, or even a sip, of tuity fruity goodness in a shot, it's likely you've given it a go at a jello shot. And if this applies to you, dear reader, the likelihood of having made a mess of the "ooey gooey" spiked jello is even higher. Well, we've got a solution for you to glam up your consumption game just in time for  summer. Ever seen a jello shot …Continue Reading

Best Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Here's a list of our morning favorites-  best classic breakfast recipes. From French Toast to Chicken and Waffles - it's all here. Foodies beware, this list is decked out with eye popping recipes that will make you hungry. Who say's that you can't have breakfast food for dinner - not us. We love breakfast at any time of the day, in fact late night breakfast is always the best …Continue Reading

Mason Jar Crafts | Vintage Pendant Lighting

We are in love with how simple and beautiful this mason jar pendant light project turned out!  You can use any style of light bulb you like– we love the Edison Bulbs for their vintage charm!This mason jar pendant light fixture makes for great bedroom lighting, or you can even make a bundle of them for a mason jar chandelier over your kitchen table!  How to Make …Continue Reading

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies | Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Make this easy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies recipe in a mason jar and create instant gifts you can give as presents or take-home treats for all your holiday party guests!RELATED: Mason Jar Cookie Recipes: How To Make M&M Cookies In A Jar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Mason Jar Make Your Own Easy Homemade Mason Jar Cookie Recipes These Holidays |Ever …Continue Reading