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10 Super Cheap DIY Home Decor

You don’t have to spend tons of money on home decor in order to have a beautiful and welcoming space. Plus often times the things in the store are so common that it doesn’t give you that unique vibe that your going for. the only way to avoid this is to get crafty and create your own items from scratch. Read on for more!

Try These DIY Home Decor Ideas

These crafty items listed below are all courtesy of Homedit. We’ve listed our faves from their top 100 list but you have to check out their page for the full tutorial.

1.Wire Key Holder

Keep track of all your keys with this wire key holder that also looks like a cool art piece on your wall. To learn how to make this check here 

2.Unique Felt Coasters

Nobody likes water rings on their fancy table or desk, but sometimes coasters can look like an eyesore. Or maybe the ones you like are too expensive, so why not get creative and make your very own. You can choose colors that fit the color scheme of your home decor, check out full tutorial here

3. Origami Lamp

Origami is cool and trendy at the moment, so why not try this cute and easy to make lamp. Check out the full tutorial here

4. Brass Chandelier

Who needs a regular chandelier when you can have this interesting, artistic option instead.

5. Brass Toilet Paper Holder

Spruce up your bathroom with this ultra glam bronze toilet paper holder. Check here for tutorial.

6. Hanging Wall Plates

They say art is objective so if you want to hang plates on your wall, no one can tell you that its not artistic. If you want the full tutorial on how to replicate this cool idea check here

7. Floating Shelves

Check out 10 Super Cheap DIY Home Decor at

Floating shelves are very convenient for those who hate clutter. These are a great way to save space and can be use for any and everything, from books and plants to tools and clothing; there are no rules when it comes to floating shelves. Check out this easy tutorial.

8. Spice Rack jewelry holder


Yes you heard  me right, you can turn your old spice rack into cool jewelry holder. Learn how here

9. Crepe Paper Leaf Branch


How cool is this crepe paper leaf branch? I am absolutely obsessed with this one, and if you are too, learn to make it here

10. Painted Terra-cotta Pots

Check out 10 Super Cheap DIY Home Decor at

That’s all folks, we hope you enjoyed these easy and fun ideas. Talk to us in the comment section below, we love hearing your feedback.

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