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17 DIY Chalkboard Ideas

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Ready for some astonishingly innovative chalkboard ideas? I know this has been a popular trend for some time now, yet I truly love it and can’t help but round up all the ingenious ones I find, especially ones that help me get organized.

DIY Chalkboard Ideas To Get Organized With

Chalkboard paint has come a long way, and I’m sure it’s here to stay. It’s now used on furniture, some high-end kitchens, walls, and for keeping your life organized. It’s so versatile and easy since you can paint it on nearly any surface you like. Then, you can get creative with it and erase quickly. Sounds fun, right? Here are my favorite clever DIY chalkboard ideas to help you get organized!


1. Chalkboard Clips

I’m always looking for crafts to get me my time and money’s worth! I guarantee you these cool chalkboard clips did just that. You can easily organize your kid’s schoolwork, important papers like bills, or anything you can think of with these cute and versatile DIY clips!


2. Food Canisters

Chalkboard labels make it fun to get foods organized in our kitchen counter. No more mix-ups with your food canisters ever again.


3. Storage For Odds And Ends

Tired of keeping track of so many items in your laundry room or basement? You’ll like this chalkboard storage idea. It lets you know where you put what, making you work faster with ease and convenience.


4. Chalkboard Spice Jars

If you love cooking, this is the kind of organization project that will make you fall in love with it even more. Start leveling up your spice drawer with a little organization using baby food jars and chalkboard paint.


5. DIY Chalkboard And Key Hooks

Make your own DIY chalkboard and key hooks and place it in your kitchen or anywhere you’re comfortable to put it. The chalkboard is perfect for keeping reminders, the shelves can house your precious knick-knacks or hold your mail. Key hooks, of course, to hold your keys where you can easily find them.


6. Chalkboard Fridge

Keep track of your pantry supplies and everything inside your refrigerator. You can also take note of the week’s meal ideas or menu in this chalkboard fridge! Cool, huh?


7. Chalkboard Drawers

Adding labels to the drawers add a bit of eclectic detail that makes a piece a whole. These chalkboard drawers are ideal for labeling office items since you can easily change what’s written on it.


8. Table Runner

Organize party foods the cool way! This chalkboard table runner will allow you to simply write names and add arrows to add a casual and rustic look to your table setting. And the best part? You can erase what you’ve written and reuse this for future events.



9. Chalkboard Menu

Get the whole family excited for the week’s menu! Announce it in a chic handcrafted chalkboard menu housed in an attractive frame making it a standout in your home decor.


10. Red Chalkboard Drawer

Kick up boring dressers up a notch with chalkboard paint for kids of all ages to get organized. Love the pop of red colored chalkboard paint! Well, you can have it your way, and go big with your favorite color.


11. Chalkboard Jars

Keep your supplies in one place — pins, keys, and other small items. They are easily seen and identified in jars with chalkboard labels and they make a pretty display, too.


12. Chalkboard Calendar

Keep track of your appointments and errands in this cute DIY chalkboard calendar. Easy to make and easy to update, clever and cool!


13. Recipe Wall

Post your family’s favorite recipes where they can all see. This cool DIY chalkboard wall can also act as grocery must-buy or any special reminder for every member of the family.


14. Plant Markers With Silhouette

Gardening becomes more fun and organized at the same with these cute DIY chalkboard markers. Make sure not to let these beauties catch some rain, I suggest having this in your greenhouse.


15. Reclaimed Lumber Turned Chalkboard

With this cute reclaimed lumber turned chalkboard, kids have no more excuses when it comes to their chores! At an early age, they’ll learn the fun way of getting things organized.


16. Chalkboard Coasters

Want a great hostess gift? How about these chalkboard coasters? You can play tic-tac-toe in between sips of your favorite drink.


17. Days Of The Week Clothing Dividers

Feel like a star and stress no more! These days of the week clothing dividers will help you prep your week-long wardrobe the chic way.


Watch this video and have more ideas about chalkboard uses for home decor:

Wow! That’s a ton of amazing ideas! And there’s so much more that crop up every day! But, hopefully, these DIY ideas ignite some inspiration to get started with your next fun DIY weekend! Happy crafting!

Which DIY chalkboard ideas you found very useful for your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in February 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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