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Super Fun FREE Things To Do At The Beach | Family Activities

Are you thinking of fun new things to do at the beach with your family and friends? If you’re tired of the usual swimming and sun tanning, then you’re in for a treat. There are a lot of fun things to do at the beach to make your experience more enjoyable. From doing fun activities to cooling off with coconut water, the list is endless. The best part is, it’s all FREE! Scroll on and discover more things to do than just swim. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing an amazing beach party!

21 Things to Do at the Beach for More Summer Fun

1. Become a Sand Mermaid

Ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Have your family or friends help you have your own mermaid tail… with sand! 

2. Sundial

Teach the kids how to tell time just like in the old days with this DIY sundial. Just grab a stick and some rocks to make your own. See it here.

3. Beach Art

Let the artist in you shine under the sun by making your own version of beach art. Try to use found objects, like seashells and stones. You can make it as creative as you wish and try to be as original as you can be.

4. Seashell-Covered Letters

If you love making craft projects, start collecting seashells to make this lovely letter art. Check it out here. You can also explore making letter art in the cursive form.

5. Catch Crabs

It would be a fun way to get everyone together. Just don’t harm those crabs or they’ll pinch! See how to catch crabs here. If you’re with kids, you may opt to let them watch instead.

Take the classic sand castle to the next level with these DIY sand castle ideas!

6. Plaster of Paris Sand Prints


Make the trip memorable by making sure you have something to remember it by. Kids and adults alike will surely love this. Better yet, make one for every member of the family, a la family tree. You can get the tutorial here.

7. Make a Seashell Fish

Here’s another fun craft project to try with seashells. Make cute decorative fishes with them! You may also make your own variation by hanging them inside a glass box, similar to an aquarium. Get the steps here.

8. Fly a Kite

The wind is great at the beach and you’ll have plenty of space, too.

This photo was taken by the fabulous Momma at Read more about flying kites at the beach HERE and check out all the other awesome kids crafts she offers!

9. Sand Candles

Who knew this was something you could do at the beach? See how you can make your DIY candle here. Your home will surely have that summer feel even in winter with these sand candles.

10. Stack Pebbles

Know Jenga? I’m sure you do! This is somewhat similar, although I wouldn’t advise pulling out any of the pebbles that you stacked!

11. Play Beach Tic-Tac-Toe

How about beach tic-tac-toe? You can use either pebbles or seashells, it would be so much fun! It’s also a nice way to engage the kids with more traditional games.

12. Make a Bonfire

If you plan on spending the night at the beach, complete the experience by making a bonfire. See how here. You can also make it more memorable by getting everyone around it to share jokes and stories.

13. Campfire S’mores

Since you have the fire going, make s’mores! Yum! Check it out here. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy this all-time bonfire classic.

14. Sand Volcano

Whoever said that you can only make a volcano for a school science project? Try it at the beach! See how here. You can also try making other surrounding mountains to mimic a landscape or a scenery.

15. Do Your Workout

Here’s a routine you can do at the beach to keep that beach bod bangin’. Going on vacation is no excuse to stop doing your exercise routines. For more beach-appropriate exercises, look here.

16. Or Do Beach Yoga

Try a gentle sequence at the beach. Go ahead and bring your yoga mat with you. There’s no setting more perfect for yoga than a tranquil beach with the sound of the waves.

17. Create Photo Illusions

Get creative with your photographs and don’t just do the standard selfie! Try as many angles as you can and if you’re with a group, go beyond the typical jump shots.

18. Or Try This Shadow Sand Photo

Make different faces in the sand and cast your shadow. This is such an ingenious idea! You can also try creating a scene depicting a story through the different emotions.

19. Drink Coconut Water

Cool down and just chill while sipping natural coconut water. It isn’t a vacation until you do so! Enjoy the art of doing nothing!

20. Sky Lanterns

Light up the sky by making sky lanterns. They are just so magical. Get the tutorial here. You can also write your wishes on the paper you’re going to use for the lanterns to make it more meaningful.

21. Watch the Sunset

After all the fun things you did, there’s nothing better than laying back and just admiring the beauty of nature with the people you love.


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For more ideas on fun things to do at the beach, here’s a video from Totally TV:


There are lots of awesome and free things to do at the beach for you and the gang other than those listed here. Make your summer experience worth remembering by making the most of the sea, sun, and sand.

Are you going to try these fun free things to do at the beach before summer ends? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 26, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. Sky lanterns are incredibly dangerous to the environment. What goes up certainly comes down and we do not need any more garbage in our oceans.


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