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11 Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor | DIY Projects

DIY wood projects for home decor are perfect for completing the look and feel of your home! If you want your home to come to life, then keep on reading!

Make These 11 DIY Wood Projects for Home Decor

There’s nothing more calming and inviting than DIY wood projects adorning your home. When I was decorating my home, I made sure there was at least one DIY wood project in every room. It’s all about knowing how to treat your wood and the right craftsmanship. Moreover, these DIY wood projects are an investment. You save so much by creating something beautiful that will last a lifetime! So, let’s get craftin’! Check out the complete list to pick your favorite wood projects:


1. Wooden Triangle Shelves

When I first saw these wooden triangle shelves, I thought they were not organized enough for my taste. I want my shelves to resemble a neat grid. But, boy, have I ever been more wrong! The minimalist aesthetic of these shelves is perfect for decluttering and embellishing your home!


2. Geometric Wood Headboard

I find a lot of headboards that are boring. It baffles me why they’d allow something so plain to take up so much space and attention in one of the most relaxing rooms in the house! Thank goodness for DIY wood projects for home decor! Now I can make my own geometric wood headboard which certainly redefines what a headboard should look like!



3. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Check out 11 Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor | DIY Projects at

DIY wood projects for home decor are not only for aesthetic purposes. They’re also here to make your life easier and more efficient! Mornings can be tough, so here’s a pallet coffee cup holder so you won’t have to scramble every morning for that first cup of coffee!


4. Wooden Dining Table

Check out 11 Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor | DIY Projects at

I consider the dining room to be a very special place in the house. It’s where the entire family gathers to share good food and stories. So, I make sure I have DIY wood projects to complete the look in my favorite room. This wooden dining table is so elegant and charming, everybody stays a little longer for more chit-chat!


5. Wooden Toy Bins

Having kids at home can be tough. And I’m not even talking about the real stuff like school and parenting. Sometimes, simply cleaning up after your little one can be so stressful. Let DIY wood projects for home decor help you! Make these wooden toy bins today to organize and declutter their play space!


6. Wood-Framed Mirror

Wood-Framed Mirror | Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor​ | DIY Projects

It doesn’t hurt to have a beautified reflection of yourself! Seeing your reflection in this lovely wood-framed mirror will make you look twice as good. An instant boost of confidence thanks to DIY wood projects for home decor!


7. Wooden Wardrobe

Check out 11 Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor | DIY Projects at

I love this wooden wardrobe because it’s so simple and, not to mention, very sturdy! Ever since I made this wooden wardrobe, I no longer feel overwhelmed when choosing what to wear because everything looks so neat and organized!


8. Wood & Leather Wine Rack

Wood and Leather Wine Rack | Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor​ | DIY Projects

Wine is already fancy enough, you don’t need to spend more just to store it! With this simple wood and leather wine rack, your wine bottles get the classy and sophisticated organization they deserve without breaking the bank!


9. Wooden Plant Stand

Check out 11 Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor | DIY Projects at

We put plants inside our houses because, no matter where we are, we want a bit of nature with us. Well, this wooden plant stand achieves that and more! Placing your plant in this stand amplifies the feel of nature, making your home even more relaxing!



10. Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden Coffee Table | Cool DIY Wood Projects For Home Decor​ | DIY Projects

A good coffee table is very important in any home! I usually take my guests to the living room, the center of which is this wooden coffee table. It’s so beautiful, it can start a conversation! Pair it with good coffee and you’ve got yourself a great time!


11. Wooden Bath Mat

Who says your bathroom doesn’t deserve these beautiful DIY wood projects? The best decision I’ve made is making this wooden bath mat. My bathroom has never been cleaner and more pleasing to the eye!


Watch this video from Simply Handmade for more DIY wood projects for home decor:

Have you taken your pick? I know it’s hard, so why not just make all of these DIY wood projects for home decor! Sure, it can be quite tiring, but the rewards are worth it! Imagine living every day in a space adorned with these gorgeous furniture and decor. You might not want to leave your house ever again! Always remember to ask for some help because when it comes to these DIY wood projects for home decor, good teamwork usually gets the job done. Also, make sure you know how to maintain and take care of them. Good DIY wood projects go a long way, and you’ll thank yourself you took the time to make them!


What’s going to be your first DIY wood project for your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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