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10 Stunning Floral Arrangement Ideas

Floral Arrangement adds a classic and beautiful style to your home that you can quite achieve with other types of decor. However, if you thought the basic,'flower in a plain vase' scenario was all there is to it, were going to prove you wrong. Check out some creative floral arrangements you can try.

1. Fruity Floral Arrangment

Summer Adams used something you would never think of using in a flower arrangement, lemons. However there's a trick to it, and you can see her tutorial here

2.  Paint Bucket

An old paint bucket can easily turn into a DIY floral arrangement as shown here by Albuquerque florist

3. Collander

When you're colanders get old, don't toss them out just use them as hanging flower pots instead.

4.Wine bottle

When the wine is done you can still have some fun at home, just a different kind that involves flowers.

5. Ice Cream Flowers

Unfortunately you can't eat these, but they sure look delicious don't they? This is a great idea for a dinner party floral arrangement and all you need are some sugar cones ( try not to eat them) and some long clear vases or glasses.

6. Wooden Floral arrangements

Some barks of wood from an old tree and a large saucer to keep the whole thing together and you've easily created one of the coolest floral arrangements your neighbors will ever see.

7. Hanging floral arrangement

Hang this on your porch or backyard and you will be the envy of all your neighbours.

8. Vintage Milk Bottles

Remember those old glass milk bottles from back in the day? Well if you have them laying around its time to reuse them, this time creating a unique floral arrangement by tyeing a stack of them together with a cord and adding flowers of your choice.

9. Envelope Floral Arrangement

This is perfect for hanging on your bathroom door at home.

10. Teapot Floral Arrangement

If this doesn't spruce up your kitchen I don't know what will. It is so colorful an creative especially with the wooden spoons and lollipops added into an old teapot.

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