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Wire Jewelry Making Techniques | 4 Fancy DIY Bracelets

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Try these wire jewelry making techniques to create cute friendship bracelets to give as keepsakes to your best friends. Follow these four easy DIY wire jewelry bracelets here!

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Handmade Wire Jewelry Designs You Will Want to Try

Add Wire Jewelry Making to Your List of DIY Hobbies

If there is a universal experience for every girl, it’s the making, gifting, and wearing a friendship bracelet. The homemade jewelry is sure to bring nostalgia to anyone who has ever made a friendship bracelet.

There are many ways to make cute friendship bracelets but for this DIY we’re going to focus on wire jewelry. We’re going to combine different wire wrapping techniques and materials to create a one of a kind friendship bracelet designs.

1. How to Make a Wire Heart Bracelet

From technique to materials, this wire jewelry is the simplest of the bunch. But it does take a bit of skill to come up with a perfectly shaped heart for your heart bracelet as shown in this video tutorial. So don’t forget to bring your patience with you.

Wire Jewelry Tools and Supplies

  • 16 gauge wire
  • round nose pliers
  • flat pliers
  • wire cutters


  1. To begin making the heart, take your round nose pliers and create a U-shape from the wire. The longer the U-shape the bigger the size of the heart.
  2. Now, to create the middle top part of the heart, take your round nose pliers and place it near the curved section of your U-shape and press down slightly.
  3. Take the rest of the wire and bend it towards the other direction. The shape you’ll have now is half of the heart.
  4. Creating the other half of the heart shape uses the same wire wrapping techniques as Step 2, only this time mirrored.
  5. Take the shorter end of the wire and cross it over the longer wire to create the heart shape.
  6. To close this, wrap the extra wire around the longer wire using your flat pliers or fingers, once or twice around. Cut any excess using the wire cutters.
  7. Using any cylindrical object (bottle, glass, rolling pin, etc.), wrap the longer section of the wire once, to get the shape of the bracelet. Cut according to your desired bracelet size.
  8. Create the lock by using your round nose pliers to create a hook at the end.

2. How to Make Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Wire Jewelry Making Techniques | Fancy DIY Bracelets
Wire Wrapped Bracelet Photo by H is for Handmade

Instead of just “writing” their names, why not send positive messages to your friends through wire jewelry? This tutorial will teach you how to “write” using various wire wrapping techniques.

Aside from a bracelet, you can also make necklaces using the same instructions.

Wire Jewelry Tools and Supplies

  • chain (you can repurpose old or broken jewelry)
  • 16 gauge wire
  • 2 jump rings
  • clasp
  • round nose pliers
  • computer and printer


Wire Jewelry Making Techniques | Fancy DIY Bracelets
Wire Wrapped Bracelet Photo by H is for Handmade
  1. Choose a word you would like to put in your DIY jewelry. Here, we’re using the word “love.”
  2. Type this word on your computer using a cursive font then print it to your desired size.
  3. Use the print out as a guide when wrapping your wire. This technique allows you to have the same size for each letter.
  4. Loop the jump rings on each end of the chain before attaching it to the ends of the letters.
  5. It’s optional, but you can also attach a clasp to the chain to secure it.

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3. How to Make Word Wire DIY Bracelets [Version 1]


Different ways to create wire jewelry.

Here’s another take on the wire wrapped bracelet to add to your jewelry making ideas. This tutorial also uses wires to create words but this time there’s a slight modification on the steps, which allows you to create two kinds of cute friendship bracelets.

Wire Jewelry Tools and Supplies

  • wire (22 – 26 gauge)
  • gold chain
  • endcap
  • ring clasp
  • suede strips
  • sewing thread
  • 5 small jump rings
  • round nose pliers flat nose pliers
  • wirecutter
  • e6000 Craft adhesive
  • pen and paper


  1. Using your pen and paper, write down the words you want to put on your DIY bracelets in cursive. Make sure all the letters are connected.
  2. When you have your word written down, use it as a guide when wrapping the wire using your round nose pliers. This takes the guesswork out of having the letters the same size.
  3. Using your round nose pliers create a small loop at the ends of the word. This is where you’ll attach the bracelet.
  4. Cut the excess using your wire cutters.
  5. Take your chain and wound it around your arm to decide on the fitting or looseness of your bracelet. Take into account you’re going to put a clasp at the end of the bracelet when measuring.
  6. Attach a jump ring to the letters at the end then, attach the chain to the jump rings.
  7. To secure the wire bracelet, add a ring clasp and jump ring combo on one end of the chain and add another jump ring on the other.

How to Make Word Wire DIY Bracelets with Tassel [Version 2]


DIY Bracelet Instructions

  1. Follow Steps 1-6 on the first version of this DIY jewelry.
  2. Create the tassel by cutting 1″ long suede strips.
  3. Gather the strips and insert them into the end cap to make sure they fit snug inside.
  4. Tie the suede strips together with your sewing needle. This makes it easier to insert in the end cap.
  5. Put a small amount of e6000 glue inside the end cap before inserting your bundled suede strips.
  6. Use a jump ring to attach your tassel to your DIY bracelet.

4. How to Make Wire Word DIY Bracelets with Leather Straps


If you’re looking for something more bohemian, you can try switching the chains for pastel-colored leather straps to create your wire word DIY bracelets. This tutorial has some additional tips on how to “write” the words using wire.

Wire Jewelry Tools and Supplies

  • wire (16 gauge)
  • thin leather strap
  • clasp
  • jump ring
  • round nose pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • wire cutters



  1. In cursive, write down your desired word. Make sure all the letters connect to each other.
  2. Use the word you’re written down as a guide when wrapping the wire to “write” the word down.
  3. Cut with your wire cutters. Make sure to leave approximately an inch of wire on both ends.
  4. Use your round nose pliers to create a loop using the extra 1″ of wire.
  5. Insert the leather straps through the loop you just created.
  6. Secure the strap by wrapping a wire around it 1-3 times, then cut the excess leather strap to size.
  7. You can measure the leather strap exactly to the circumference of your wrist before attaching the clasp at the end.
  8. You can also create a wrap bracelet by increasing the length of the strap so it goes once or twice around your wrist.

Check out this video from DIY Cocoa Beads English, because you will love this cute wire cat-ring:

Now you know what to give your BFF these holidays. With four fun and fancy DIY bracelets to work on, plus an added version, you have quite on your hands when it comes to wire jewelry.

Which of these wire jewelry bracelet designs will you try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 1, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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