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15 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

The moment you’ve finally been waiting for. We’re excited to share with you our roundup of awesome toilet paper roll crafts for kids including how to make teacups out of toilet paper! Want the rest of the list? Scroll on!

DIY Projects For Kids Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Having trouble coming up with some creative ideas that your kids will love? Upcycling is a great way to share ideas and teach your little ones about the importance of reusing! Turn paper towel rolls into unique crafts for kids, planters, toy cars, and much more. Who knew that saving a couple rolls of paper towels or toilet paper would turn into a crafting extravaganza! You’ll never run out of ideas with this fun and kid-friendly list of creative craft projects. The next time you go to throw away all those used TP rolls, think twice about what you could be making.

Keep reading to learn more about how to make DIY crafts using toilet paper rolls.


15 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

1. Duct Tape Toilet Paper Roll Arm Cuffs

via happyhooligans


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There are tons of great things that you can make using paper towel rolls. Try your hand at making these Simple DIY projects for kids. These fun-to-make crafts are great for birthday parties, sleepovers, and after school activities! Your kids will go nuts over these!


2. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

via gogrowgo


This is such a great idea!  Spread peanut butter on toilet paper rolls, roll them in bird seeds, and then hang them from a tree branch for the birds to enjoy! This easy toilet paper roll project is sure to delight your kids when they see their project come to life! This cute and simple craft project is great for kids and adults.


3. Toilet Paper Roll Rocket

via sassydealz


Check out this awesome toilet paper roll craft! We just love how the rocket has a hat! All you will need is a toilet paper tube, orange/yellow construction paper, aluminum foil, scissors, and glue. Ready to get crafting? Check out how it’s done!


4. Toilet Paper Owl Crafts

via creativejewishmom


Aren’t these just the cutest little things? You might need to help you little ones draw the owl faces on there, or simply see what they can come up with themselves. Either way, this is a fun and free project that doesn’t take very long at all. It’s a great way to upcycle and you can even turn them into little magnets. The possibilities are endless!


5. Japanese Flying Fish

via squirellyminds


These Japanese flying fish are by far the coolest out of all the projects in this roundup. Thanks to this great hand crafted tutorial, you can make them with your kids too! The idea is simple.



6. Toilet Paper Roll Cars

via do small things with love


Does your little guy or girl just love playing with toy cars? Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make a mini car out of toilet paper rolls. We promise that your kids will love it! You may need to help them with making sure they don’t paint your table! To achieve this effect, water color paints always work the best!


7. Toilet Paper Teacup Rolls

via Krokotak 


What a clever and unique idea! Check out how to make these adorable little teacups using upcycled materials. The instructions are in a language other than English, however, the article itself has some pretty self-explanatory photographs. We just had to share them because they look great. Enjoy.


8. Little Monsters Tutorial

via AlisaBurke


Another home from in the toilet paper crafts projects! Seriously, these are the most amazing set of little monsters we ever did see! Look how simple they are to make! All you need are some paints and cotton balls from the dollar store! We love seeing projects like this! Kudos!


9. Teach The Kids About Recycling! Make Some Planters

via carolynshomenetwork


Did you know that you can upcycle toilet paper rolls into miniature planters for your garden? Learn how to create these earth friendly seed starters by keeping a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls handy during the warmer months!


10. Sew A Minion Pencil Case

via petalstopicots


How cute! And it all starts with…a toilet paper tube! The rest of the supplies are simple: cardboard paper towel tube, worsted weight yarn, small amounts of black, blue, yellow, white, and gray G hook, ½ in. black button, a tapestry needle, and some scissors. Voila!


11. Make Cute Little Kazoos From Toilet Paper Tubes

via buggyandbuddy


Remember growing up and playing with those cute little paper kazoos? We do! Now you can make them at home using recycled toilet paper tubes! They’re very easy to make and only require a short trip to the craft store. In fact, you might just have everything you need in your kitchen! Check out how they’re made!


12. DIY Marble Run With Paper Towel Tubes

via powerfulmothering


Make a maze of excitement for your marble collection with this tubular project! Check out how it works!


13. Toilet Paper Tube Snakes

via eighteen25


These toilet paper tube snakes make the perfect kids craft project. Make your little ones happy with this fun and interesting DIY endeavor. Try painting them different colors! Look at those googly eyes!


14. Toilet Paper Tube Butterfly

via aboutfamilycrafts

Check out these super amazing butterflies! These handmade kids crafts make the perfect gifts for mom!


15. Turkey Fine Motor Activity and Craft

via fantasticfunandlearning


Learn how to make this cute little turkey table topper by re using some toilet paper tubes! This simple fine motor turkey activity is great for kids just learning how to make things!


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15 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

That wraps up our awesome toilet paper tube post! Don’t start throwing them out.


Got time for a few more? Check out 14 more toilet paper roll crafts from Tanner Bell:


Which DIY craft project are you going to try with the kids? Let us know below in the comments!

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