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DIY Room Decor: Birch Trees Bring Nature to Your Living Room

Wouldn’t you love to bring the splendor of the great outdoors into your own living room? This DIY room decor made from birch trees helps you do just that.

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In Celtic cultures, the birch tree embodies many fall themes, including growth, renewal, stability, initiation and adaptability because it is highly adaptive and able to sustain harsh conditions.

But beyond it’s symbolic significance,  the birch tree’s narrow trunk and delicate white bark make it ideal for DIY room decor. While it can be cut for furniture, it’s also beautiful when left in a pure, natural state.

Birch’s rustic trunk and branches can be used for accents on headboards, hollowed out for candle holders, assembled to make a coffee table, and so much more!

TopDreamer compiled a comprehensive list of 25 ways to turn birch trees into your next DIY room decor project.

Read the list here, or check out my absolute faves below.

Free Group T-Shirt
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1. Bedside table decoration

Simple and dramatic DIY room decor.

2. Large rustic table

Here’s the table is being used to showcase apparel, but it could also be used to beautify a kitchen or living room.

3. Birch wood candle holder

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Exudes tranquil energy. Perfect for the bathroom or bedroom.

4. Birch pillars for a true rustic feel

These birch tree pillars are incorporated into a spacious living room for a breathtaking “nature in the home” look.

5. Quirky wall panel

Quirky, unique and exquisite. Click here for the full tutorial.

6. Birch tree bed posts

Make an extravagant statement with these birch tree bed posts that touch the ceiling.


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Have your own DIY home decor ideas using birch trees? We’d love to see! Please share your projects and experiences in the comments section  below to help foster a connected DIY community.


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