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Pinterest Launches How-To DIY Pins

On March 29, the virtual cork board app Pinterest launched a glorious new feature: How-To DIY pins.

(Brief pause for the angel’s trumpets to sound.)

Pinterest Launches How-To DIY Pins

Pinterest Launches How-To DIY Pins

All of us DIY-ers are well aware of the disconnect between perfect-looking DIY projects on Pinterest posted and actually replicating them IRL; in other words, it’s difficult to get from Point A to Point B without detailed instructions. (In DIY speak, it’s called a Pinterest Fail.)

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 Considering DIY is the number one searched term on Pinterest, something had to give. Enter How-To pins.

How-To DIY Post on Pinterest

How-To pins include step-by-step instructions on how to create the finished product. A new “Try it yourself” section has been added, which includes the steps with accompanying photos so you can follow along.

So say good bye to #PinterestFails and say hello to #NailedIt! Pinterest’s got your back.
Nailed it! 


Failed it!

Extinction is nigh…

 But who can resist a little Pinterest fail fun…?

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