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11 DIY Tool Kits | Tool Organizer Ideas You Can Do at Home

work-tools-hanging-on-wall-workshop | 11 DIY Tool Kits | Tool Organizer Ideas You Can Do at Home | Featured

DIY Tool Kits | Tool Organizer Ideas You Can Do at Home see more at

Learn How to Make a Easy Homemade Tool Organizer

Tired of losing your tools or misplacing them? Wonder how you can keep everything in one place and make your garage or tool house neat and tidy? Worry no more! I've collected a few different ideas to help you make sure all your tools are in the right place.


DIY Tool Kits

1. DIY Vegan Leather Bound Wrap 

Great entryway tool kit for beginners. Artists need easy access and portability for the tools of their trade, and this animal cruelty free tool wrap does just the trick. Throw your strap on and get out the door to your canvas. More info right this way.


2.  Peg Rail Organizer

Say goodbye to your messy garden shed and say hello to your handy dandy peg rail organizer. If you love this idea, check out the tutorial here.


3. Power Tool Organizer

I recommended this one to my father. Tired of seeing those plugs and wires all over the place? It's time to take action…


4. Multi-Panel Peg Board Storage

This is so convenient and truly a zero-clutter organizer for your small tools. Check out the idea here.


5. Wood and Magnet Socket Holder

I really love this idea. I always see how my husband struggles to find the right size socket when he does his garage projects.  This is a must have! 😀  Click here for the step by step tutorial.


6. PVC Storage Pockets

This is an awesome idea for a small storage solution, and truly works. Check out the details here.


7. Nail Storage Jar Idea

This is a very cheap and easy DIY nail storage that is so neat — and fun to create. Find the complete idea here.

8. Mug Organizer

This is a great gift idea! Some sewing skills are needed, but it's sure to impress! See the tutorial here.


9. Rake Hanging Organizer

Do no throw out that old rake in your backyard. Instead, create a hanging rake organizer. See the details here and find out how.


10. Desktop Organizer

It may look difficult, but it's easier than you think! You can also use this to store screwdrivers, pencils, marker, glue, and other materials. Follow the tutorial here.


11. Bucket Tool Storage Organizer

Dad will 100% love this! See the whole tutorial here.



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