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Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration

Terrify your Halloween guests with this startling and eerie haunted specter mirror.  Hang it in the bathroom, hallway, or anywhere in the house to give them a memorable fright!  With only a few simple supplies and easy steps, you can make your own specter for your Hallow’s Eve party.

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration
Gather your supplies and let’s get at it.


Old picture frame with glass (Goodwill)

Mirror Effect Spray Paint (Hardware Store)

Black Spray Paint (not pictured – Hardware Store)

Black/Grey Cheesecloth (Dollar Tree)

Fake Crows (Dollar Tree)

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Other Items from Around the Craft Room:

Scotch Tape

Scrubbie/Rough Cloth

Black Garbage Bags

Step 1

Remove the glass (and art), and spray paint the frame black by itself.

Step 2

Lay the glass on some plastic or newspaper, and give it a hearty coating of the Mirror Effect spray on one side.  I used the Rust-Oleum brand, and was very happy with it!  Don’t apply the coat too thickly, but do make sure that all of the glass is covered, and that you can’t see through to the other side.

Step 3

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration

Let the Mirror Effect paint dry for about 30 minutes, and then grab a scrubbie or rough wash cloth.  Moisten it with just a bit of water, and gently rubbing away the paint at the center of the mirror.  Rub the paint off in blotchy, uneven patches for that ghostly effect.  Don’t rub away an area bigger than your photo or you’ll see the edges of the paper as hard lines!

Step 4

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration

Take the photo that you printed out in black and white (I simply Googled “creepy old woman” and that pulled up this terrifying picture which I printed on regular computer paper), and flip the glass over on top of it.  The spray painted side should be pressed against the paper.  If you want more of the picture to show, flip the glass back over and rub away some more paint.  If you want less showing, you can do a quick re-spray on the “rubbed-away” area, and then try scrubbing away a little more gently when that dries.

Step 5

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration

Put a little piece of Scotch tape on the edges of the paper photo, and put the glass back into the frame.  I found that I needed a black background (to really get that creepy effect of the face fading into the darkness on the edges), so I simply used one of the trash bags that had been my painting surface-protection, and sandwiched it between the glass and the cardboard backing.

Once you put that cardboard backing in and fold down the staple tabs around the edges, you’re ready to hang the eerily fantastic mirror!  Drape some tattered black cheesecloth around the corners, attach some sinister ravens, and you’re done!

Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration
Can you imagine seeing this image at night? Scary!


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