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Awesome Wood Lamp To Warm Up your Room | DIY Lighting Projects

Having a wood lamp is so convenient. They're a good bedside accessory and source of light when you want a bit of light amidst the darkness.  A small source of illumination sets the mood when you just want to lie in bed and relax. If you agree, then what you need is an awesome wood lamp! It's so easy to make and it provides the best source of light—not too bright so you can rest your eyes, and not too dim so you can still have an atmosphere for pondering your thoughts. It's useful for the few minutes before we doze off. For this moment of calmness and contemplation, you should have your own wood lamp! And I'll show you how you can make one yourself!

DIY Wood Lamp: The Easiest Way To Add Serenity

I've always had trouble sleeping. My body is telling me to rest but my mind is racing through everything–from my personal life, to work, even to what I should have for lunch tomorrow. So when the day's about to end, I like to go into my room and get into a relaxed state. My simple yet elegant wood lamp helps me get into this zen disposition. Its unique shape and craftsmanship create the most stunning and tranquil light and shadows, you'll be transported into an entirely different state of mind! I can't imagine ending a day without it!

My wood lamp doesn't just help me get some sleep. It also helps cozy up any room around the house! It's so subtle and beautiful I wouldn't mind having it as a light source everywhere! Plus, it's so easy to make! All you need are three dozens of wooden pegs, some basic DIY skills, and you're good to go!

The wood lamp you'll be making can also be used to set the tone and ambiance for a nice intimate gathering. It's even versatile and stylish enough to be used as a home decor for the holidays. The possibilities for using this wood lamp are limitless, so let's get craftin'!


What You'll Need:


Step 1: Take the Wooden Pegs Apart

For your wood lamp, you'll only be needing the wooden sections of your pegs. About thirty pieces should suffice.


Step 2: Assemble Three Pieces of Wooden Pegs into a Triangular Shape

Stick the pegs together with hot glue. The longer ends of the pegs should be facing counter-clockwise. Make 19 pieces of these.


Step 3: Stack the Triangles On Top of One Another

Put the triangles on top of one another following the pattern of a Jewish star. This means, alternating an upright triangle with an inverted triangle until all pieces have been stacked. Use a bit of hot glue when putting them together. Reserve one triangle for the base.


Step 4: Create the Base

For the base of your wood lamp, you'll need to use a popsicle stick. Break your popsicle stick into half. Glue one half onto the center of your last triangle. Then, break the remaining half of the popsicle stick into two again. This time, make sure they have slanting ends so as to fit the triangle. Glue them beside the popsicle stick at the center.


Step 5: Place the Rod for the LED

Glue the wooden handle of the paintbrush onto the center of your base. This will function as a rod around which the LED line will be wrapped.


Step 6: Wrap the LED Line Around the Rod

Cut off a length of LED just enough to wrap around your paintbrush handle rod. Peel it and wrap it around the rod. Use some glue to keep them intact.


Step 7: Check the LED

Plug in the LED to check if it's working. Remember to check the wattage your LED requires and plug it into the right outlet.


Step 8: Finish Your Wood Lamp

Place the stacked wooden pegs over your LED-wrapped rod. Light up the LED and, voila! You have your very own wonderful wood lamp!


Watch the full tutorial video from Mist8k:

Don't you just love this simple DIY wood lamp? Making it is so stress-free but the rewards are immeasurable! This fantastic wood lamp is proof that you can get the best out of a few simple steps if you just use a bit of creativity and imagination. Where will you be putting your wood lamp? I personally like placing it in my bedroom, but like I said, it goes beautifully in any part of the house!

Grab some cocoa because with this soothing wood lamp, you'll be having one of the most relaxing nights you've had in a long time.


Have you ever made a wood lamp before? Let me know in the comments below!

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