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DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game

You’ll love these DIY Selfie Ideas. From props to backdrops, there are tons of ways to upgrade your selfies!

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Let’s face it, bathroom selfies aren’t very imaginative. Our DIY ideas will take your selfie-taking game to the next level — the level where  you can exercise your imagination and creativity.

For your next selfie, try a prop, handmade frame, backdrop, or  go all out and use all three! Trust me, your Instagram followers will appreciate the effort. I’ve also included some awesome DIY selfie accessories to make sure you’re selfie taking goes as smoothly as possible.


DIY Selfie Ideas

1. DIY Bluetooth Selfie Kit

Check out DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game at

Everything you need to take the ultimate selfies. Selfie stick? Check. Bluetooth remote for easy snapshots? Check. Ridiculous cut out mustaches that are appropriate for every party under the sun? Double check. Learn more here.

2. DIY Selfie Captions

Add words to your pictures to make them worth more than just a 1,000 words. Caption these awesome selfie speech bubbles however you want — for a wedding, birthday party, or just for fun. All you need is sticks, black poster board, alphabet stickers and an active imagination, and you’re set!


3. DIY Foam Frames

Check out DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game at

These gorgeous foam frames are easy to make and will up your selfie game ten fold. Get the step-by-step tutorial here.


4. Personalized Instagram Selfie Frame

Check out DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game at

So. Meta: a frame inside a frame, a photo inside a photo. This personalized InstaFrame makes a hilarious selfie prop.

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5. DIY Selfie Photo Wall Using Instagram Pictures

Check out DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game at

Great for teen or tween hangout rooms! A very cool mom made this by printing out her kids’ Instagram selfies on 16 x 16 canvases. Find the instructions and free printable right here.


6. Stunning DIY Selfie Station

Sick of boring bathroom selfies? Car selfies giving you the blues? Make a shimmery selfie station and glam up your background big time! Great for parties and special occasions. Find the how-to here.


7. DIY Fabric Phone Charging Station

Check out DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game at

Every pro selfie taker needs to recharge from time to time. This charging station lets you hang your phone up next to outlet rather than laying it on the ground — where it can get stomped, kicked, etc. Best part? Can be 5 minutes or less!! Get the awesome tutorial here.


8. Disney DIY Selfie Props

Calling all Disney fanatics! Need an excuse to throw a Disney-themed party? Look no further… More info here.

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9. DIY Selfie Coasters

These selfie/Instagram photo coasters make great personalized gifts. The coasters shown feature landscape photos, but the square shape is perfect for both your coffee mug and mug shots. Check out the step-by-step tutorial here. (Hint: Mod Podge acrylic sealer is the magic ingredient.)


10. DIY Wrapping Paper Selfie Stick

Wrapping Paper Selfie Stick | 12 DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game, check it out at
image via buzzfeed

Tape your cellphone to a wrapping paper roll for a festive DIY selfie stick.


11. Selfie Props | DIY Tutorial

Mustaches, monocles & more! Get the free printables for these sweet props along with a detailed tutorial here.


12. DIY Selfie Frame

Check out DIY Selfie Ideas to Up Your Selfie Game at

Frame + stick prop = totally personalized awesomeness. Buy a three-panel poster board and start making your very own selfie frame.

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