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17 Amazing DIY Paint Chip Projects

Want paint chip crafts and DIY projects you can make? If you love making DIY craft projects for almost no cost at all, these projects are perfect for you to try. If you want a paint chip art or wall art, look no further. Have fun letting your creative juices flow with these cool DIY projects you can make on a budget with paint chips!

17 Amazing DIY Paint Chip Projects

DIY Paint Chip Projects | Paint Chip Crafts

Do you have a stash of paint chips in your junk drawer just waiting for easy DIY projects? I'm betting you have at least a couple. Let's upcycle those paint chips into awesome items. Here are 17 creative ideas to put those inspiring colors to good use. Each DIY project is simple and easy to make!


17 Amazing DIY Paint Chip Projects

1. Paint Chip Calendar

Here's an easy and instant do it yourself dry-erase calendar! Click here for tutorial.



2. Paint Swatch Chandelier

Wow your guests with this pretty pink ombre DIY chandelier made from paint chips! See tutorial here.


3. DIY Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace

DIY Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace | 17 Amazing DIY Paint Chip Projects -
via DIY Projects

Make a statement necklace with paint chips! Just cut a few chevrons and add some chain. Here's the step-by-step tutorial. Watch the YouTube video tutorial from CraftyAllyson here.


4. DIY Paint Chip Sunset Art

A little decoupage, a canvas, and some beautiful sunset hues and you’re all set! Get the tutorial here.


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5. DIY Earrings

Here's another super easy peasy do it yourself jewelry for a fashionable you! Grab the tutorial here.


 6. Geometric Wall Art

Triangles make great do it yourself wall art paint chip decor! And it's easy to make, too! Check it out here.



7. Paint Chip Heart Art

Any room will gleefully welcome this beautiful piece of art! Grab the how-to here.


8. Napkin Holder

Great for weddings or dinner parties with friends! Click here for the tutorial.


9. Attic Stairs Decor

Pop some colors to your attic / basement stairwell with paint chips! See tutorial here.


10. Paint Chip Matchbook Notepads

This looks mighty cute so if you have lots of paint swatches laying around, you might want to try this cool DIY project. Click here for the tutorial.


11. Chevron Wall Art

Chevron is love! Here's another wall art idea using paint chips. Get tutorial here.


12. Colorful Table Runner

Paint chips are so much fun 🙂 This table runner is such a show-stopper. See tutorial here.


13. Rolodex / Recipe Separator

Use this tip for great DIY organization for your recipes with this colorful and pretty recipe separator. Here‘s the tutorial.


14. Paint Chip Boxes

We love how versatile paint chips are! Take a lookie at these fun boxes… great for gift giving or organizing stuff. See tutorial here.


15. DIY Pixelated Art Wall

Make your favorite photo into an awesome pixelated wall mural! Check out the tutorial here.


16. Moving Announcements

Make your own wallet-friendly moving announcement with paint chips! These could also make cute save-the-dates! Grab the how-to here.


17. Paint Chip Mobile

Your little one will absolutely love this diy craft from a paint swatch hanging on his crib. Get the tutorial here.


Want to see how you can make a greeting card out of paint chips? See how here from HGTV Handmade:


Which paint chip project are you going to try today? Let us know below in the comments!

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  1. How do you get that many paint chips?? I couldn’t walk in a store and take that many chips! I would feel sooooo guilty. Is there a way to buy them? I would LOVE to do the heart wall art!

  2. Yes, these projects are cute and creative but if people walk into a store and grab handfulls of paint chips you know that will increase the store’s cost and that will increase the cost of paint for everyone – crafters AND non-crafters alike! Disappointing, DIY! Anna has is right – and if people start taking a dozen swatches of every single color soon these paint chips will not be free! THEN what will you advise, DIY?

  3. Possibly get on good terms with the people in the paint department and find out when they are going to be retiring colors and see if they will set the outdated swatches aside for you. I agree, I would be unable to walk in and grab them by the handful! The ideas are so yummy tho!

  4. this is a direct invitation to steal!!! shame on you !! who is the thoughtless person that though up this idea???

  5. ***Note from the Editor***

    You are all so thoughtful! I love that you are concerned for the paint chips, and I agree that cardstock from recycled greeting cards is a wonderful alternative to paint chips.

    However, I have a feeling that paint chips are supplied through the vendor for the very reason of allowing people to get creative and enjoy! Take what you need, and leave the rest for others.

    I can assure you that only a small amount of people will be flocking to the store and taking paint chips for their own personal diy craft projects, and those that do are probably already loyal customers, being that they like to do stuff themselves.

    Therefore the craft or hardware store is probably happy to supply their most loyal audience with the needed supplies! …Especially if they were to get a great big shoutout on the internet. (Thanks! Thanks!) 😉

    Of course, if the store requests that you do not take so many paint chips at one time, please respect their demands and seek other methods to gathering your supplies.

    Happy Crafting!

    Lisa Loperfido
    Editor –


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