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How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

DIY Humidifier | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home | Featured

Having low humidity at home, especially in cold weather, can lead to a range of problems like allergies, dry skin, nosebleeds, and an increased tendency to get colds or even the flu. To fix this, try these low-cost, low-effort, and green DIY humidifier tips that will help improve your home’s air quality.

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DIY Humidifier | 9 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

1. Grow Some Indoor Plants

Houseplants | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Indoor plants make for a great aesthetic addition to any home. They’re pleasing to the eye and are even scientifically proven to reduce stress. More than this, however, an indoor plant can also act as a humidifier as it releases water vapor into the atmosphere.

Plants constantly undergo a digestion-like process called transpiration. This is when plants draw the water and nutrients held in the soil, move it through its roots, up to its stems, and through its leaves, before returning the water back to the atmosphere in the form of water vapor.

This essentially means that by going green and having a small indoor plant collection in a room, you can increase the level of humidity in that room and beautify it at the same time.

For better results, group your plants together to help it cover more surface area. Additionally, make sure to consistently water your plants to maintain an optimum level of moisture — don’t let it get too soggy.

2. Leave Vases Filled With Water Near Sunny Window Sills

Vases | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Another way to decorate your house and add humidity to it at the same time is to fill vases with water and place them near window sills where they can get a lot of sunlight. This should cause the water to slowly evaporate into the atmosphere.

Add a little finesse by buying flowers and placing it inside the vase.

3. Leave Water-Filled Bowls on Radiators

Radiator | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

If you’re not a fan of flowers and vases, then just get a ceramic or metal bowl of water and leave it on top of a radiator or a heat register. You might be surprised by just how much humidity it pushes into the air, especially during the cold months.

4. Go Back To Traditional Stovetop Cooking

Stovetop Cooking | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Traditional stovetop cooking, which seems to have become a forgotten art, can actually act as a DIY humidifier. Basically, anything that involves boiling water tends to release clouds of vapor to the air in the room.

Next time you’re having your morning cup, why not boil your water instead of heating it in the microwave. You could boil the water and use it to cook pasta, add some essential oils while it boils for an extra fragrance to your home, or even just drain it down your sink to clear it of messy buildup afterward.

5. Leave Your Bathroom Door Open After or While You Shower

Steam Shower | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

A hot shower in cold weather is the perfect way to start the day. It also makes for a great DIY humidifier that’ll add moisture to your home.

Take advantage of the steam your shower produces and leave the door open while you take a bath.

If you live with someone, just make sure to open the door right after you shower so you can get all that extra moisture. Additionally, if you’re more of a bath person, leave the water in the tub after you shower and allow it to cool off first before draining it.

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6. Dry Plates and Clothes the Old-Fashioned Way

Air Dry | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Go old school and stop using some major appliances like those dryers to get some added moisture in your room.

After you load up your dishes in the dishwasher, open the door immediately after the washing process, and skip the heated-dry cycle. You’ll not only be saving energy, but you can also welcome that billow of steam that’ll greet you when you open it.

You can also choose to air-dry your clothes instead of loading them into your dryer. While it may take a little longer, air-drying clothes releases the moisture into the air in your house, giving it that added moisture it needs.

7. Use a Towel and a Hanger to Make a DIY Humidifier

Wet Towel | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Get a water-filled bowl and hang or drape a towel over it. Make sure to keep a part of the towel submerged in the water.

The towel should now absorb the water before evaporating into the air. This works better than just filling a bowl with water because the towel allows the water to cover a larger surface area and evaporate faster.

Placing it near your headboard should help you battle nasal congestion especially at night.

8. Replace Candles on Candle Warmers with a Glass of Water

Candle Warmers | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Old candle warmers you might not be using can also be repurposed into a DIY humidifier.

You can place a vase or a cup of water on an electric candle warmer, or you can pour water on the top receptacle of those that actually use a candle. Just make sure not to let them go dry.

9. Re-Decorate Your House With a Fish Tank

Aquarium | How To Make A DIY Humidifier To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Why not get a new hobby, re-decorate, add a stress-reliever, and humidify your room all at the same time? Whether it’s a small goldfish bowl or a bigger multi-gallon tank filled with corals and fish, either way, having an aquarium should help provide lots of water vapor into your air.

The water will naturally evaporate into the room and serve as both a hobby and a DIY humidifier at the same time.

Having second thoughts on making your own humidifier? Humidiphy shows you 10 amazing benefits that your DIY humidifier does for you:

Keeping your house humid doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and energy. These simple DIY humidifier hacks can help you make a humidifier out of everyday things, beautify your home, save energy, and sometimes, even add a new hobby for you to play around with.

Did we miss any DIY humidifier hacks that you know about? Tell us about them in the comments section below!


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