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10 DIY Earring Holder Ideas

These DIY earring holder ideas will keep your desk mess down. 

10 DIY earring holder ideas | organize your jewelry

Is there anything worse than not being able to find the piece of jewelry you’re looking for? You know, the earrings or bracelet that will complement your outfit perfect?

This used to happen to me all the time.. BIG UGH! I finally wised up and started organizing my jewelry instead of jamming it into my desk drawer or car center consul… (Yeah, I was bad.)

Now I have a special jewelry case and made a lovely DIY earring holder so I can find what piece I’m looking for when I need it. I.e., not two weeks after the special event which I bought new earrings for. If you’re like me, and can’t bear sorting through messy jewelry anymore, check out these neat and easy DIY earring holders.


DIY Earring Holder Ideas

1. DIY Picture Frame Earring Holder

Combine burlap and a picture frame for a cheap but great looking DIY earring holder. Learn how to make it here.


2. Simple DIY Earring Holder

Simple, cheap and easy! Find the tutorial here.


3. Aluminum Sheet Earring Holder

I just love it! See the details here.


4. Lace Hoop DIY Earring Holder

For those that love classic vintage style. Details here.


5. Peg Board Earring Holder

Perfect for studs, dangling earring and other accessories you have to organize. See here how.

6. Popsicle Stick Earring Holder

Doesn’t get easier than this! And you thought those old popsicle sticks belonged in the trash… Details here.


7. DIY Stud Earring Box

For more tidy jewelry organization. Tutorial here.


8. Cardboard Tree DIY Earring Box

So cute! Details here.


9. Cork Board Earring Holder

Use a cork board to organize your earrings by following this video tutorial.]


10. Printer Drawer DIY Earring Holder

Repurpose an old printer drawer into an awesome DIY earring holder. Get the details here.


Need more DIY earring holder ideas? Watch this video from Popsugar on how to make a Vintage Earring Holder. Enjoy!


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