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25 Impressive Ways To Reuse Wine Corks

Here’s a novel idea – reuse wine corks after enjoying your favorite bottles of wine. Did you know that there are numerous ways to use these corks to create cool projects in your house? In fact, I got 25 fun DIY projects made out of recycled wine corks right here! Read on and be impressed – and inspired!

Reuse Wine Corks To Turn It Into A Valuable Work Of Art

Your leftover corks after a wine night with your friends are actually very useful. Corks are made of durable materials that are great for making constructive and useful DIY projects! They have a porous quality which makes it easy to transform them into something impressively new. Here is a list of impressive DIY projects you can make when you upcycle wine corks.


1. Wine Cork Monogram

You can form your initials or your nickname with this simple project, a wine cork monogram! Add this decorative piece to your shelf or make one for a friend. I’m sure your recipient will definitely appreciate your gesture.


2. Cork Coasters

A kitchen must-have, create your own unique cork coasters to save your table from liquid stains and add character to your tables. It’s a simple rustic piece that’s sure to create a statement.


3. Giraffe Cork Sculpture

Your kids will love to join you in making this giraffe cork sculpture. Design your own cork sculpture and have a wonderful piece to jazz up your home decor.


4. DIY Bath Mat

Corks are naturally waterproof, a perfect cushion for your wet feet. Make your own DIY bamboo-inspired bath mat out of wine corks and easily customize it to fit your space.


5. Cork Garden Markers

These cork garden markers can withstand constant weather changes. Finding your herbs will never be a problem, even after a heavy rain!


6. DIY Keychains

These cork key chains are easy to make and are useful, too. They’re a budget-friendly project to make that won’t take up too much of your time. A set of pretty cork keychains makes awesome souvenirs or presents.


7. Wine Cork Lampshade

Make your lampshade the statement piece of your house! This wine cork lampshade will add a rustic vintage feel to any room it’s placed in.


8. Easy Mushroom Cork Crafts

Grab your kiddos and make a couple of these whimsical easy mushroom cork crafts. These adorable ornaments would be perfect for a woodland-themed party.


9. Wine Cork Pendants

Chic and easy to make wine cork pendants that would not take a ton of your time. It’s so pretty and evokes just the right boho vibe.



10. Cork Chandelier

Think outside the box and get creative by upcycling your wine corks into a chandelier. This cork chandelier is a stunning home decor that would definitely intrigue your guests.


11. Cork Topped Coffee Table

Give your coffee table a little transformation with some wine corks. Worry no more about smudge marks and do away with coasters with this unique cork-topped coffee table.


12. Decorative Cork Ball

Your search for a unique centerpiece end with this decorative cork ball. This unique cork ball is an easy way to spruce up your living space. Simply use a styrofoam ball as your base and build from there!


13. Wine Cork Cheese Knives

These cheese knives with cork handles are a frugal DIY alternative to an expensive store-bought item. Could be a perfect hostess gift!


14. Bird House

Bird House Ideas

Make a home for your feathered friends with repurposed wine corks. This beautiful, sophisticated bird house requires little more than glue and a handful of wine corks.


15. Wine Cork Tray

Aside from being super useful, trays are made interesting with the material and design they have. Trays made with wine corks are no exception.


16. Succulent Wine Cork Planter Magnets

Make a smash hit by pairing beautiful succulents with your classy wine cork crafts. These little darling succulent wine cork planter magnets are perfect for small spaces.


17. Cork Trivet

This cork trivet should also be a kitchen mainstay. With the use of wine corks, enjoy creating your own cork trivets and have a kitchen accessory that is not only useful, but will also jazz up your kitchen decor.


18. DIY Cork Board

Want to stay on schedule? Recreate this DIY cork board and pin your notes and other reminders to stay ahead of your day.


19. Cork Stamp

Carve your favorite designs on wine corks and start stamping! No need for you to buy expensive decorative stamps anymore! Super clever, huh!


20. Ombre Cork Heart

This beautiful wall art is a really a winner! Wine corks can also serve as a vibrant decorative piece for your home, like this ombre cork heart art.



21. Cork Name Tags

Can’t wait to host our next dinner party! I’ll definitely be borrowing this cork name tag idea. I’ll use it to label my hors d’oeuvres or lead my guests to their assigned seats.


22. DIY Napkin Rings

Add these DIY napkin rings to your table setting and this DIY project will be a success. This will surely give your set-up that shabby-chic flair.


23. Cork Tile Placemat

Wine-stained cork ends add a little personality to this winding placemat. I’m itching to create this corky cushion for our next family get-together.


24. Cork Pincushion

Need a place to stash your sewing needles? Simply stick them into a cork! While this idea is nothing new, these whimsical designs elevate it into something playful.


25. Cork Snake Toy

Feeling a little crafty? How appealing is this slithering cork snake toy? Simply string a red thread through the sliced cork and leave a little extra at the end to make a tongue.


Want more ways on how to reuse wine corks? Check out this video from ECO Canary:

You will want to collect more wine corks to create impressive projects after knowing how versatile cork can be. It’s fun and easy to play with. I’m pretty sure the whole family will enjoy working on this cool project. So what are you waiting for? Let those creative juices flow and start your own project now!

Which way on how to reuse wine corks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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