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Easy DIY Auto Rust Repair On A Budget

Metal will always rust. Metals are susceptible to the accumulation of rust, especially if there’s the presence of moisture, salt or water. Our cars are no exception. Rust can be bad, but the good thing is we can always fix this. We can always make our cars look brand new again without spending a lot of money Scroll down and check out this DIY repair for auto rust.

Easy DIY Auto Rust Repair On A Budget

The Cure For Your Car’s Metallic Cancer

Since a car is not a cheap purchase, maintaining it is a must. Not to mention, the appearance should also be kept pleasing. Therefore, proper knowledge in car maintenance is an advantage if you want to keep your car in tip-top shape. But your fight against rust can be a continuous battle. It will eat its way beyond the car’s body surface and corrode every metal like a spreading disease. Prevention is the only way to stop it. Check out this awesome DIY repair for rusts in your car.

1. Grind and Sand the Rusted Area

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First, sand and grind the area where rust is forming until you see fresh metal. If it needs to be replaced with a new metal sheet, then do so. Follow safety precautions when handling power tools. Then wash and clean the spot with soap and water after sanding it.

2. Mask the Affected Area

Check out Easy DIY Auto Rust Repair On A Budget at

Once the surface is totally dry, mask off the spot that needs painting with the use of a painter’s tape.

3. Apply the Primer

Check out Easy DIY Auto Rust Repair On A Budget at

Use the appropriate primer for your car. Spray it in thin and even layers and allow it to dry. If you need to sand it in between this process, use a fine sandpaper then remove the dust before applying another layer of primer.

4. Paint

Check out Easy DIY Auto Rust Repair On A Budget at

Now it’s time to paint your car. But first, you have to choose the right color. You can always ask the help of your paint suppliers in acquiring the exact color of your car. And just like what you did with the primer, apply coats in thin and even fashion. Use a face mask when doing it because paint chemicals are dangerous to your health.

Watch this video from Soaked In Oil for more DIY tips on rust repair :

Rust prevention products are readily available in the market. Applying these products to your car will not only protect it from rust, but will also save you time and money. Your knowledge in DIY repair is a huge advantage when dealing with this problem. So once you see those paint bubbles, you already know that underneath this bump is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

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