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50 DIY Accessories You Can Do In the Comfort of Your Couch This Winter

As seasons come and go, so must certain trends and styles. What better way to approach the new year than by looking the best version of yourself? Leave behind in 2016 what should be done and forgotten. 2017 is all about being fabulous no matter what! Here are 50 gorgeous DIY accessories guaranteed to elevate your look! No smoke and mirrors are needed for looking like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine. You can make these easy and lovely DIY accessories bundled up in your home this winter!

DIY Accessories To Elevate Any Look!

As much as I would like to shop, I can’t brave the chilly air and freezing streets! Plus, it’s also probably a better idea to start the new year by being more frugal with your finances. So without leaving my couch, I’m DIY-ing my accessories! From rings to hair accessories, I have it right here! I even found DIY accessories inspired by lavish designer brands! No need to break the bank to look like a million dollars!

Accessories are the desserts of clothing: often skipped and forgotten, but when taken seriously, it makes for a full and fantastic experience. But they don’t have to be expensive, cut from real and rare stones! DIY accessories are all about re-creating the most stunning pieces within your budget and with half the effort! Plus, these DIY accessories will go with almost anything from the new winter collection of clothes we’re all waiting for. Aren’t you excited? Let’s get craftin’!


1. Jeweled Paracord Bracelet

Using a versatile and reliable material, this tutorial uses old pieces of earrings who have lost their pairs and puts them together to make one glamorous bracelet. The results of seemingly incongruent pieces will blow your mind!


2. Galaxy Necklace

A single simple shape holding so much mystery and wonder is the aesthetic of this galaxy necklace! If you’re aiming for a minimalist look with a twist, this one’s for you.


3. Scalloped Bar Necklace

DIY accessories used to be about a single gold metallic bar hanging just above the chest. Now people have found ways to redefine this edgy style, and this scalloped bar necklace is the perfect example!


4. Rhinestone Barrettes

Barrettes on messy waves automatically evoke a vintage look! Wearing them in red with rhinestones puts you somewhere between vintage and glamorous—a true modern style!


5. Shell Earring

We’ve all been to beach trips where we’ve taken home a shell as souvenir. It may have been a good idea then, but now it just seems out of place around the house. Don’t throw it away! Keep the memory by turning it into this gorgeous shell earring!


6. Rosette Bib Necklace

Necklaces don’t always have to be made of metal, wires, or stones! Sometimes a good fabric beautifully fashioned into a rosette bib necklace can complete the perfect soft and demure look!


7. Geometric Diamond Necklace

Angles and symmetry are trends which have been around for a while now. DIY accessories over the years have been influenced by them and they just keep getting better! Just take a look at this geometric diamond necklace!


8. Golden Hair Accessory

Ethereal and regal are the right words for this golden hair accessory. DIY accessories can be used even on your most special day! This headpiece does not fail at making anyone feel their most beautiful.


9. Wire Rings With Beads

A simple wire ring has always been a staple of DIY accessories, but over time it has come to include more creative and innovative designs! These beautiful wire rings are made symbolic by putting a bead special to the one wearing it.


10. Braided Hex Nut Bracelet

Like I said, geometric patterns are here to stay. They are a refreshing break from all the patterns we’ve had. The braided hex nut bracelet uses a hexagon as its main design. Who knew the shape associated with bees can be used to elevate your style?


11. Wire Bow

We all have a simple hair bow lying around the house for those lazy and casual days. But why be content with a bow with about fifty other look-a-likes? Make your own unique wire bow with this tutorial!


12. Polymer Clay Bead Necklace

Yes, accessories made of clay! You’d be surprised by how well it looks with a lot of different clothes! Plus, the material is so easy to fashion, you’ll find yourself making polymer clay bead necklaces for everyone!


13. Dainty Double Ring

Rings are one of the easiest DIY accessories but it doesn’t mean they look any less lovely. A dainty double ring is so easy to make and looks so effortlessly elegant on your fingers!



14. Pearl Hair Piece

Using pearls for your DIY accessories are perfect for not leaving your cozy couch this winter! No one wants to step on these precious (faux) stones, so making this pearl hair piece should take minimal time and energy!


15. Sweater Bangle

Bangles can feel the cold too. Okay, not really. But we don’t actually need any other reason to wrap bangles in a sweater fabric. They’re gorgeous and they match all the cozy winter outfits!


16. Stone Ring

Have you taken the time to look up your birth stone? Get some and use them for this stone ring! Maximize the room for personality which DIY accessories provide!


17. Painted Leather Bracelet

If you’re going for a simple but artistic look, painted leather bracelets are the way to go! Not a lot of people know this, but leather makes for a very good canvas! They absorb paint in a different way, giving your bracelet an undefinable edge.


18. Clay Charm Bracelet

A malleable material means more room for creativity and expression! Fashion each charm any way you want and string them together into a beautiful charm bracelet by following these easy steps!


19. Chain Link Earrings

Every once in a while we find ourselves having to attend a fancy event. Our budget usually goes to the dress with little to nothing left for accessories. No worries! These chain link earrings are perfect for the beautiful gown you’ve been saving for a special occasion!


20. Hex Earrings

Hex earrings to match your hex bracelet! The sharp angles of the hexagon against the shape of the ear make such a beguiling contrast!


21. Rhinestone Bracelet

We have to thank whoever discovered rhinestones a.k.a the most versatile material for jewelry! The key to these intricate DIY accessories is shaping your rhinestone bracelet into the most flattering shape for your wrist!

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22. Harlow Studs

There is one rule of fashion I live by: less is more. Imagine the attention shifting slowly from your clothes to these harlow studs. No effort will be put to waste because every part of your look is now under the spotlight!


23. Wooden Triangle Hair Pins

DIY accessories for the hair are my favorite! We all deserve the most ravishing crowning glory. If it can’t be achieved with a cut and color, we’ll make it happen with hair accessories! Start out with these wooden triangle hair pins!


24. Braided Bead Necklace

Braiding your bead necklace saves it from being the boring old bead necklace everyone already has. Choose a color which pops and pair it with a neutral-colored top!


25. Wire Chain Bracelet

Other than finding the right angle for the camera, here’s an equally effective way to make your arms look slimmer and longer! Stacking several pieces of DIY accessories including this wire chain bracelet should do the trick! Plus it goes really well with understated outfits!


26. Foreign Coin DIY Charm Bracelet

DIY accessories can be nostalgic too! String together the different souvenirs you’ve collected from all around the world and turn them into a foreign coin charm bracelet!


27. Personalized Phrase Bracelet

If you could describe yourself what would it be? Don’t tell me! Turn it into a bracelet! Easily one of the most inventive DIY accessories out there!


28. Caged Pearl Necklace

Look at how delicately the wire is wrapped around the pearl! DIY accessories like this are meant for women of mystery. If you want to look glamorous but still somehow subtle, a caged pearl necklace is your friend!


29. Chanel-Inspired Pearl Bracelet

All trends and style take their cue from the best in the business. Coco Chanel was certainly among the pioneers of fashion and her worthy successor Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t disappoint. This pearl bracelet shows their huge influence on DIY accessories!


30. Beaded Fringe Necklace

Shimmering beads fashioned into a fringe necklace scream party! This necklace is one of those DIY accessories which goes with your more extravagant outfits! Perfect for a girls’ night out!


31. Stamped Bar Leather Bracelet

What better way to show your unforgettable personality than by stamping it! Remember. DIY accessories are not just for show. They are extensions of who you are, and these stamped bar leather bracelets are here to help!


32. Antique Brass Dangle Earrings

Contrary to popular belief, fashion moves in cycles, and not in a linear manner. So many trends which have died are resurfacing and antique jewelry is one of them! A pair of antique brass dangle earrings should give your look the sophistication it needs.


33. Dreamcatcher Earring

Dreamcatchers sift through the bad dreams and keep the good dreams for us! Wear them as earrings and you might just get enough good dreams for the entire 2017!


34. Chan Luu-Inspired Teardrop Earrings

Designers are always coming up with accessories which change the game. But DIY accessories are not be beaten! These Chan Luu-inspired teardrop earrings are recreations which give the original justice.


35. Celine-Inspired Knot Bracelet

A simple bracelet tied into a knot. Boring? Not if you know which color to use and which way to do it best! Celine certainly does! But we don’t need to spend any extra cash. This tutorial shows you how to recreate the accessory!



36. Anthropologie Piccadilly Drops

Two beautiful pieces of Swarovski pear drops on top of one another may seem too much. But the great thing about DIY accessories is you can change it up to suit your style. Just take these piccadilly drops as an example of carefully-tuned opulence!


37. Chanel-Inspired Mermaid Pearl Bobby Pins

When Chanel launched its 2012 Fall/Winter collection, people not only went mad over the clothes, but also over the beautiful pearls arranged on the models' hair and backs! The trend has retained its appeal and it looks it’s here to stay! Make your own Chanel-inspired mermaid pearl bobby pins now!


38. Golden Lace Slave Bracelet

Bracelets aren’t just for the wrist! You’re basically adorning your entire hand! Let this tutorial show you how to beautify your hands with a golden lace slave bracelet!


39. Wired Pearl Drops

These wired pearl drops are the most exquisite homage to the classic pearl earring. Doubling the number of pearls pushes you to create a look so neat and chic, everyone will have a hard time taking their eyes off you.


40. Prada-Inspired Rose Earring

Flowers aren’t just for patterns anymore! Prada came out with rose earrings and suddenly, jewelry inspired by nature was all the rave! Emulate these iconic earrings by following these easy steps.


41. Double Pearl Ring

A double pearl ring so fine and delicate it looks like pearls just naturally gravitate towards your fingers. Whoever said DIY accessories cannot be celestial and heavenly didn’t have the right guide.


42. Pearl Sunglass Strap

Pearl sunglasses strap easily take you back to the time of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe! This is a vintage look which is always fun and chic, everyone should have at least a pair!


43. Ear Cuffs Two Ways

One DIY guide with two ways of wearing ear cuffs? Yes, please! DIY accessories never compromise practicality for style. You always get both!


44. Safety Pin and Sequin Bracelet

Safety pins are usually our savior: from ripped clothes to loose buttons. Now, they’re here to save our style too! A safety pin and sequin bracelet is the DIY accessory you never thought you needed and wanted!


45. Bejeweled Hair Comb

Such a simple and useful accessory deserves a bedazzling treatment! Make your hairstyle look extra elegant with this bejeweled hair comb!


46. Denim Hair Bows

Everyone understands the style, comfort, and personality which only denim provides. Now your DIY accessories can match your everyday wardrobe too with these denim hair bows!


47. Looping Circles Hair Accessory

Although originally meant to be a hair accessory, this piece has proven itself useful and fashionable in more than three circumstances! This guide has everything you need to know for this all around accessory!


48. Dried Flower Pendant

It has been said that different flowers are different ways of being one with nature. So, your favorite flower must mean something about how you see life. Now you can wear your thoughts and emotions with this beautiful dried flower pendant. Arguably the most meaningful piece among many DIY accessories.


49. Velvet Choker

The choker together with the ankle-length pants, loafers, denim jackets, and cropped tops are all making their comeback! The simplicity and polish of a velvet choker will surely add power and strength to your look!


50. Chunky Leather Bracelet

Leather is not only timeless, it’s also one of the most versatile materials to work with! If you think stamps and paint are all it can handle, think again! Now you can wear big pieces of jewelry on a chunky leather bracelet for an amplified glamorous look!

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You know what they say, positive thinking attracts positive energy. Going by this logic, looking good in these DIY accessories should attract all the love and light you deserve this new year! Be ready for questions about where you bought these DIY accessories! With your DIY expertise, these accessories are going to look like they were made for the upper crust. And you deserve nothing less! Practice your poses, because a Vogue Magazine cover might be on the way!


Which of these DIY accessories are you excited to wear? Let me know in the comments below!

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