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12 Cute DIY Projects for Her | DIY Projects

We love everything cute, adorable and pretty, don’t we? If you have a lot of time on your hands this week, these cute DIY projects should keep you busy! Let’s get to work!

Cute DIY Projects for Her That Are Absolutely Charming

I admit, I’m a sucker for anything cute, pretty, and dainty! Whenever I see something cute, I must have it. Thankfully, I’ve toned down my impulse buying for the past year or so and all credit goes to my wonderful hands that are always itching to make cute DIY projects! My wallet is happy, I am happy, and as a bonus, my husband is happy too! Anyhow, let’s get on with these cute DIY projects and get busy, busy, busy!


1. DIY Wall Mirror

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This wall mirror might look ordinary, but it really isn’t. Would you be surprised if I tell you that this beautiful wall mirror is actually made of cheap compacts? Also, you’ll only spend around $20 dollars for this DIY project!


2. DIY Upcycled Glass Bottles

Check out 12 Cute DIY Projects for Her | DIY Projects at

This is an awesome project for those who like collecting used glass bottles. We all know glass bottles can easily be upcycled to flower vases. But what really drew me to this project is how the glass bottles were beautifully painted!


3. DIY Customized Light Switch Plate

The usual plain light switch plates can get really boring. And since we love making practically anything cuter and more pleasing to the eye, we’re going to design our light switch plates too! In this cute DIY project, holistichabits will teach you how to customize your light switch plates using greeting cards!


4. Quick Bread In a Bottle

I wonder why I haven’t even thought about making this one. Imagine having all the ingredients you need to bake quick bread in one single bottle–just genius! How about brownies in a bottle? I love it! This project make great gifts too!



5. DIY Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

Check out 12 Cute DIY Projects for Her | DIY Projects at

If you like crocheting, then there’s no way you can miss this crochet mermaid tail blanket tutorial from Crochet Lovers! Be the princess of the ocean even if you’re a big girl now and snuggle up in this cozy mermaid blanket!


6. DIY Light Bulb Terrarium

Check out 12 Cute DIY Projects for Her | DIY Projects at

Okay, this DIY project may not be the usual colorful project you see in any cute DIY project list, but I think it’s really cute! This DIY light bulb terrarium is a great addition to your home decor. Plus, you can recycle your old bulbs as well!


7. DIY Arm Knit Blanket in 45 Minutes

The winter has been unforgiving lately. And if you still live in an area where the cold winds haven’t died down, then this DIY arm knit blanket by Simply Maggie is THE project for you right now. Did I mention you can complete this project in just 45 minutes and without using any special tools?


8. Vintage Floral Mod Podged Ladder Shelving

Check out 12 Cute DIY Projects for Her | DIY Projects at

I like turning old ladders into something decorative. But what I like more about this  Mod Podge DIY project are the cute vintage floral shelving. I can’t believe how easy it is to make them! Anything vintage and floral…just take my money!


9. DIY Succulent Fairy Garden

You know what? My jaw dropped after seeing this DIY succulent fairy garden. It’s such a brilliant idea and I think everyone should make one for their home or garden. Garden Answer’s time lapse tutorial will teach you how to make your own fairy garden, or whatever miniature garden you wish to have.



10. Floral Deer Head Pallet Art

Pastel colors always capture my attention and I pretty much fall in love instantly with anything pastel. So when I saw this DIY wood pallet floral deer sign, I knew it was something worth sharing with all of you! Isn’t it so pretty?


11. DIY Marquee Lights

I’m a proud owner of my DIY marquee light! At first, I thought the electrical work would be too tough to take on. But apparently, the string light bulbs make the project a whole lot easier to pull off! I’ve seen a couple of tutorials on how to do this project, but I really like this one from Lisa Pullano.


12. Crochet Jellyfish

Check out 12 Cute DIY Projects for Her | DIY Projects at

Aren’t these the cutest sea creatures ever? A jellyfish sting can hurt like heck, but when they’re made this cute, they’re just so irresistible! This crochet jellyfish will look perfect in any kid’s room!


Still can’t get enough of cute and easy DIY projects? Here are 10 more ideas from MayBaby:

Oh my goodness! Cuteness overload and I’m expecting a hangover! Seriously though, I’m glad I’ve been making cute DIY projects over the years. But sometimes, I feel like there’s not enough time to take on more cute DIY projects because there’s just too many of them. Oh well, a girl can always try and try we must. Enjoy everyone!

What is the cutest DIY project you’ve done? Do you have more cute DIY project ideas? Please share them with us in the comment section below!

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