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Warm and Cool Colors Guide | How to Make Curtains

learn how to make curtains and give your home a makeover with this DIY tutorial

 How to Make Curtains | Home Makeover Tutorial

Lesson 4 – Warm and Cool Colors: Fabric Color Theory

When it comes to making curtains, fabric choice is EVERYTHING! Since you get to customize the style, you have the freedom to turn this fabric into any kind of curtain you want. So what's it going to be? What color are you going to choose? What texture or pattern are you going to beautify your windows and walls with? This lesson will offer advice on choosing the right fabric colors. This is especially helpful to create a harmonious looking home. Knowing what to choose is just as important as knowing what not to choose, so follow along and take notes! The wonderful world of color has a lot more to it than you might think. Here we will go over warm and cool colors. What makes a warm color warm? What makes a cool color cool? What's the best way to tell the difference between warm and cool colors? Keep watching the video to find out!

I love how simply this color chart puts it: image via

Now how warm and cool colors are on opposing sides of the wheel.

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