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11 DIY Bookends to Dress Up Your Shelf

Add a bit of style to your bookshelf with these trendy DIY bookends! When you love books -- for reading but also for collecting -- it is common that the number of books you own grows and grows. Organizing such a massive collection can feel like a burden, but with these trendy DIY bookends, you'll turn a tedious task into an enjoyable one! You'll want your pretty books and …Continue Reading

How to Measure for Curtains | How to Make Curtains

 How to Make Curtains | Home Makeover Tutorial Lesson 8 - How to Measure for Curtains How to Calculate Curtain Yardage | Curtain Yardage Calculator Bear with us for this lesson folks, measuring out your curtain fabric is a bit more complicated than it looks. The reason being because you are working with 4 variables: the curtain height, the curtain width, the desired amount …Continue Reading

Stencil Designs | Home Decor Ideas: How to Make Curtains & Pillows

How to Make Curtains & Pillows | Home Makeover Tutorial Lesson 16 | How to Use Stencil Designs | Pillow and Curtain Embellishments Learn to stencil with your stencil designs for endless decorating fun. Use a paint that won't wash out for long lasting effect. Once you know how to stencil, you can create flawless customized designs on all of your pillows and curtains …Continue Reading

Easy Applique Designs | How to Make a Felt Flower Pillow

How to Make Curtains & Pillows | Home Makeover Tutorial Project 4 - Easy Applique Designs | How to Make Felt Flower Pillow Make a Beautiful Felt Dahlia Pillow with Applique Designs This project will show you how you can take something as simple as felt, to create your own amazing 3D elements on pillows, curtains, and more! The idea here is stolen from the appliqué style, …Continue Reading

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