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13 DIY Homemade Weed Killers To Improve Your Gardening

Want to kill weeds without destroying the soil? If you do, well, it can be effectively done with household items that won't cost you nearly as much as the name brand options. There are many DIY homemade weed killers to choose from. Here we have collected 13 recipes for you to try. Let us know what you think! While it has been said that the only difference between a weed and …Continue Reading

How to Make Your Own Leather Cable Holder

Looking to try your hand at leather-working? This cable holder is perfect for advanced DIYers looking for a challenge. Check out the tutorial below to see how it's done. How to Make Your Own Leather Cable Holder If you're looking to make your foray into the world of leather, look no further! This DIY cable holder is a project for leather newbies – just make sure you have all …Continue Reading

Awesome Leather Craft: Make Your Own Cable Organizer

Add a rustic touch to your home office with this awesome leather craft! This DIY cable organizer is surprisingly easy to make – just double-check that you have all the right tools. Check out the tutorial below to make a cable organizer that is as beautiful as it is functional. Awesome Leather Craft: Make Your Own Cable Organizer If you're looking to up your DIY game, look no …Continue Reading

Space-Saving Kitchen Organization Ideas For The Tidy Chef

Not enough kitchen space? No problem! Read on and get your kitchen organized and save up space at the same time now with these space-saving kitchen organization ideas! Kitchen organization ideas are something I’m always searching for. Whatever size the kitchen is in your home, I'm sure you wish you had more storage space or a better system for organization. Try some of our …Continue Reading

Make Your Own ’90s-Inspired Cord Organizer

The dream of the '90s is alive in this adorable cord organizer! Give your desk a touch of nostalgia with this floppy disk-inspired DIY. Using just a few pieces of felt, you can keep your cords and cables from tangling – and who doesn't love the '90s? Check out the steps below to make your own! Make Your Own ’90s-Inspired Cord Organizer If you're looking for a cord organizer …Continue Reading

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