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Tidy Up With This Cute Mail Organizer

Tidy Up With This Cute Mail Organizer

Tidy Up With This Cute Mail Organizer

If you have a super busy lifestyle, organizing is one of the skills that you should acquire. One of the most overlooked organizational task is the mail, which almost always ends up in a pile on your kitchen table. And we all know what happens when we leave our mail unorganized – unpaid bills, unanswered letters, ignored correspondences. But don’t fret, this cute mail organizer will ensure that no birthday card from grandma goes unread.

mail organizer - general 1


 Ready to Make Your Cute Wall Mounted Organizer?


Supplies for your mail organizer.
What you need to create your DIY mail organizer.


How to Make a Hanging Mail Organizer

STEP 1: Cut a cardboard piece that fit into your choice of frame. Cut a rectangle from the fabric that’s 2 inches wider than the cardboard.

Create different-sized mail organizers.
Choose a colorful fabric for your mail organizer.


STEP 2: Cut 2 smaller rectangles. The width is the same as the first rectangle but the height must be ⅔ of the first rectangle. For example, my first rectangle was 20” width x 15” high , so my two smaller rectangles are 20“ width x 10” high. These measurements will change according to the size of your chosen frame.

Pick bold prints for your DIY mail organizer.
Bold prints make your mail organizer a focal point in the room.


STEP 3: You’re going to use the two small rectangles to make pockets for your DIY mail organize. Fold the hem. Take the part that you folded and fold it again in half. Iron them to mark the folds.

You can add more pockets if you have a big mail organizer.
These will be the pockets of your hanging mail organizer.


STEP 4: Measure 1 inch from the bottom of the large rectangle. Pin one of the smaller rectangles on it. Sew them together. This is the bottom pocket of your mail organizer.

Hand stitch the pockets to your DIY mail organizer.
You can hand stitch the pockets of your mail organizer if a sewing is not available.


STEP 5: Above the first pocket, pin and sew the second pocket (smaller rectangle). Be sure that the first pocket will cover up the seam of the second one above it.

Office accessories have never been this cute.
Attach the second pocket of your mail organizer.


STEP 6: Sew the edges together. The distance between the two vertical seams must be the same as the cardboard width.

Measure it according to the size of the cardboard.
Sew the pieces of your a mail organizer together.


STEP 7: Turn the fabric wrong side up, place the cardboard on top of it and cut off the corners.

Clean the edges of your mail organizer.
Either round the corner of your mail organizer or cut it diagonally.


STEP 8: Using a glue gun, fix the fabric on the cardboard. You can use clips or clothespins to hold the fabric while you glue.

Attach all the pieces of your mail organizer together.
Use a glue gun to attach the pockets of your mail organizer to the cardboard.


STEP 9: Put your mail organizer in the frame and glue them together. For a wall mail organizer, hang the mail organizer on the wall using two small screw eyes on the back of the frame and putting a wire between. You can also place magnets at the back if you want to put it on your fridge.

Wall mounted mail organizer is easy with magnets.
Attach a wire or magnet strips at the back of your mail organizer to hang it.


And that’s it, your cute hanging mail organizer is ready to use.


You can also use magnetic strips for your fridge.
Viola! Your wall mounted mail organizer.


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