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Fiber Cement Siding: Advantages That Every Homeowner Should Know [Infographic]

Want to know the advantages of fiber cement siding? Continue reading and check if your house is safe and covered.

Choosing the right siding for your house is an equalizing act of durability, maintenance, good looks, and affordability. Choose fiber-cement siding for your home and you might save yourself the time and effort of future paint jobs.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding That Every Homeowner Should Know [Infographic]

“What is Fiber Cement Siding?”  

Fiber Cement Siding is a resilient mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose that is applied to the exterior of a building in both commercial and domestic demands. Though it costs a bit more than vinyl siding (but less than stucco) it outlasts its competitors. It’s the only siding that combines the performance of masonry as it resists many common risks, including fire, wind, pests, and rain.

Special thanks to who have come up with the impressive infographic below that shows the advantages of using fiber cement siding. Let this act as your guide while making decisions about choosing the right siding to use if you are building a new home or just doing a renovation.

Click here to see the infographic!

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Fiber Cement Siding

The materials covering the exterior of your house define its style and protect its interior.

With so many different exterior choices, though, it can be hard to know what the right siding is for your home. One choice that stands out for its durability, flexibility and style is fiber cement siding.

Here are some fast facts about fiber cement siding.

Cost Vs Value

With an 84.3% ROI, Remodeling Magazine has ranked fiber cement siding number one as the best investment homeowners can make when looking to resell their home for 7 years in a row. Beautiful and versatile, fiber cement siding can create a custom look that will maximize your home’s curb appeal for the years to come.

Eco-conscious consumers can rest easy knowing that fiber cement siding is made using sustainable materials and processes designed with energy conservation in mind.

Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report 2014 – 15

Job Cost         Resale Value            Cost Recouped

1. Siding Replacement (Fiber-Cement)

Job Cost: $14,014          Resale Value: $11,816           Cost Recouped: 84.3%

2. Garage Door Replacement

Job Cost: $2,994          Resale Value: $2,429          Cost Recouped: 82.5%

3. Siding Replacement (Foam-backed Vinyl)

Job Cost: $14,274          Resale Value: $9,937          Cost Recouped: 69.6%

4. Window Replacement (Vinyl)

Job Cost: $15,184          Resale Value: $11,790          Cost Recouped: 77.6%

5. Window Replacement (Wood)

Job Cost: $13,837          Resale Value: $10,365          Cost Recouped: 74.9%

6. Grand Entrance (Fiberglass)

Job Cost: $7,548          Resale Value: $5,099          Cost Recouped: 71.9%

7. Major Kitchen Remodel

Job Cost: $36,329       Resale Value: $22,840         Cost Recouped: 62.6%

8. Bathroom Remodel

Job Cost: $54,115         Resale Value: $32,385         Cost Recouped: 59.8%

9. Deck Addition (Composite)

Job Cost: $113,097       Resale Value: $66,747         Cost Recouped: 59.0%

10. Roofing Replacement

Job Cost: $36,385        Resale Value: $21,750         Cost Recouped: 58.9%

11. Bathroom Addition

Job Cost: $76,429         Resale Value: $44,750       Cost Recouped: 58.6%

12. Garage Addition

Job Cost: $85,592         Resale Value: $46,791       Cost Recouped: 54.7%

13. Master Suite Addition

Job Cost: $236,363     Resale Value: $126,860       Cost Recouped: 53.7%

Benefits of Choosing Fiber Cement Siding

1. Fire Resistant

Vinyl siding can easily become melted when operating a barbecue grill, running a lawnmower, or even smoking a cigarette in the vicinity. Likewise in the unfortunate even of house fire all (untreated) cedar siding does is become fuel. Fiber cement components on the other hand are 1-hour, fire resistance rated and will not ignite under direct flame or heat. Fiber cement has a flame spread rating of 0 and is a Class I material, which for comparison so is brick.

2. Easy to Master Installation

Even though fiber cement is heavier and thus requires a two-person crew for installation, the process is easily learned. With a few special cutting tools, a quality installation can be achieve with little trouble.

3. Low Maintenance

Aside from replacing any damaged or rotted caulking at its seams, fiber cement siding requires very little maintenance. A new coat of paint may be required after several years, but not as often as is required for wooden siding.

4. Affordable

When averaged over its 50 year lifetime, fiber cement siding costs are comparable to vinyl and wood sidings.

5. Weather Resistant

Fiber cement siding can stand up to hail and doesn’t melt in the heat of crumble under exposure of UV.

6. Long Lasting

Made of sand, cement, and cellulose, fiber cement siding is a sustainable and long lasting. With a lifespan of 50 years, once you’ve installed fiber cement siding your worries are over.

When it comes to deciding how to keep your house covered, fiber cement siding offers a great balance for affordability and features. Fiber cement siding has the style and substance your home deserves.


Did you find this post helpful and interesting? Will you use fiber cement siding for your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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