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Pool Noodle Tea lights

Pool noodle art you say? The summer is almost over but you still have a few days left to have some fun in the pool. However, if the kids are on their way out you can reuse and recycle those pool noodles and we'll show you how. Read on for more! DIY Pool Noodle Candlelights With a few strategic cuts you can turn those old pool noodles into some ultra chic candle lights for …Continue Reading

Homemade Laundry Detergent Tablets

Laundry detergent can be quite expensive and many are filled with ingredients that can do more harm than good to your clothes . To avoid this your best bet is to make your own detergent and we will show you how! Supplies Needed1 cup Super washing soda 1/4 Zote soap bar, shredded 1/4 cup table Salt 20-30 drops essential oil of your choice 3-4 tablespoons white …Continue Reading

Dinner Party Decor Ideas

Dinner Party Decor for every day of the year. Whether you're having a backyard soiree during the summer, or a wedding during the spring time we have some great decor ideas to make heads turn. Check them out below.  Sunny SunflowerSummer is the perfect time to find an array of beautiful flowers including sunflowers which bloom during the summer. The bright yellow …Continue Reading

Learn to make a Rit Dye Pillow

Rit Dye Pillow? I know the term is not one you hear very often, but once again Taryn Whiteaker brings us another one of her creative designs. Check it out below! Creative Dyed Pillow Taryn was inspired by some Shibori pillows she saw online, and since she wanted to create a unique look she took matters into her own hands. She used Rit blue rit dye for the colors. The results …Continue Reading

16 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids are great to keep yourself and  your family occupied for the summer. No need to worry about how you're going to come up with creative ideas for the little ones. We have some great ideas. Fun  Summer Crafts for Kids 1.Microwave Paint Learn to make this fun and colorful microwave paint here  2. Butterfly Wings Fulfill your little girl's …Continue Reading