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Beginner DIY Skills That Pay Off Most [VIDEO]

Beginner DIY Skills That Pay Off Most When to do it yourself, and when to give up and call a pro...  SEE ALSO: How to Build a Wood Pallet Wall  Every avid DIY-er and crafty crafter knows that doing things yourself isn't just loads of fun, it can also save you money. That is, if you have the proper skills to get a project done -- and done well. To make a proper …Continue Reading

DIY Polaroid Frame Crafts Project

Hang up your memories for long lasting beauty with our polaroid frame project! Polaroid Frame Craft for Long Lasting Memories On a warm summer evening last September, my sister and I met with our dear friends Chloe and Ellie for a late-summer tea party at Chloe’s apartment.. We got dolled up in pretty dresses to enjoy lavender cookies and lemon tea, and at some point …Continue Reading

How to Make DIY Marquee Letters

DIY Marquee Letters are a fun DIY project, perfect for birthdays, home decor and more!   Been thinking about what you can make to dress up your boring wall. Maybe you want to personalize a space or need unique signage for a party? Then you've come in the right place. DIY Marquee Letters have become super popular because they're cheap - you can basically use excess …Continue Reading

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects When it comes to improving our homes, many of us within the modern world are without the skill sets that would have been common even a generation ago, such as working with two by fours or sewing our own clothes. Work — even the kind that used to be done my most people on a Saturday afternoon — has become so highly specialized that even tinkering …Continue Reading

How to Make a DIY Flower Headband | DIY Tutorials

Make a DIY Flower Headband and you'll feel like a fairy princess every day! Love to see flowers in bloom? Why not have them bloom right on top of your head! We'll take you through the simple steps necessary to make a DIY flower headband. I've seen similar hairbands at Anthropologie, but they're SO expensive! This floral beauty is cheap and looks even better than store …Continue Reading

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