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13 Boys Room Decor Ideas You Can DIY

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Looking for some ways to decorate your young man’s room? Make their bedroom full of fun and boyhood spirit with these diy decor ideas!

13 Boys Room Decor Ideas You Can DIY

13 Boys Room Decor Ideas You Can DIY

Decorating a young man’s room isn’t as hard as it seems. With a little money and a lot of room for creativity, you can definitely create your child’s dream room come true!

1. 3D Letters Wall Art Decor

Pin the first letter of his name on his room’s wall or at his room’s door to have that sense of ownership that I’m pretty sure he will be proud of.  Get the steps here.


2. Basketball Trash Can

Your child would definitely love keeping his room clean and tidy with this awesome idea of having a Basketball Trash Can. You can buy the DoxieBall Hoop and just clip it on a wastebasket  or you can create your own Trash Can Basketball Hoop. Check out the video tutorial by Dirt Devil.

3. DIY Animal Lamps

Light up your kid’s room with this lovable animal lamps and help you kid banish nighttime jitters for that good night sleep. See tutorial here.

4. Make a Framed Rock Collection

This project is totally perfect to have your child get involved with. You can use their rock collection or other little trinkets they have collected and it will be a perfect wall display. See how it’s done here.


5. Video Game Storage

If you child always run out of space where he can put his Video Game CDs, DVDs and other disc type games, you can definitely make use of his cabinet door and transform it into an amazing storage to keep all his disc, plus factor, it will keep the disc out of sight so your child’s attention will not be totally drawn to it. Check how it’s done here.


6. Art and Homework Station

This Art and Homework Station project willl certainly help our children do their homework and keep everything they need in one place.  Check it out here.


7. Chalkboard Lamps

Having a chalkboard lamps in their room will become a convenient spot for leaving your messages. See how to create it here.


8. DIY Lego Posters

Transform your boy’s room into a Legoland and he will certainly be delighted. See how it’s done here.

Get more lego ideas here!


9. DIY Kids Ladder

Transform a wall space into a playtime activity corner with this DIY Kid’s Ladder. Be sure to anchor it well int the wall so it doesn’t fall. See how to do it here.


10. Pallet Rope Name Art

Bring some Wild West Artistry inside your child’s room.  No little cowboy’s (or cowgirl’s) room is complete without this adorable rope art!  Tutorial here.


11. Skateboard Shelf

Hang an old skatboard on the wall for an awesome shelf idea! This is a great use of an old broken board instead of throwing it away. See how it’s done here.


12. DIY Pallet Sign Quote

Having this DIY Pallet Sign Quote in his room will give him a constant reminder of life lessons. Something that will instill positivity not just for him but for all people around him. Check out the full tutorial here.


13. Boy’s Hockey Room Shelf

This bedroom decor idea is great for sports fans. See how it’s done here.


Let’s check out this video of DIY Kids Room Decorating Ideas for Boys by DIY Home Decorating Ideas and learn some more ways to transform your boy’s room

Have fun decorating your boys room! Don’t forget to check your own garage and storage before buying anything new, sometimes upcycling and repurposing is the best solution for redecorating and saving money. Have fun, and let your young man help. This will become a fun bonding DIY project you can do together.


Did you like our list of DIY Bedroom Decor For Boys? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these 13 Boy Bedroom Ideas.


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