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5 Ways to Upcycle Old Pallets | DIY Pallet Projects

5 DIY pallets projects

Are you an upcycling maven? Prepare to be amazed by these 5 DIY pallet projects.

5 DIY pallets projects you need to try

5 Ways to Upcycle Old Pallets

DIY style is all the rage these days; the perfect way to accomplish true DIY style at home is by adding a little upcycling magic to your furniture. Turning a discarded piece of rubbish into a piece of furniture, accessory for the home or simply art, is a great way to spend the weekend.

Making a blogging site has become as easy as setting up a Facebook account, with services like this offering you the chance to get online for next to nothing. The internet is full of the creative masterpieces made by DIY craft lovers. We love seeing blogs full of DIY designs, and have got some great ideas for upcycling from our fellow crafty bloggers. It seems even a rubbish dump or building site can be a source of inspiration!

One item that is a fave amongst upcycling connoisseurs is the pallet. Pallets are often free or cost very little, and with a touch of DIY skill, an old pallet can become a beautiful object. Here are some DIY pallet projects to try at home:

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1. Picture Frames

DIY picture frame | 5 DIY pallets projects

Pallets are amazingly versatile and can be easily taken apart, leaving you with a selection of rustic slats. Once taken apart, cut to size, and varnished you could make a simple but stylish frame, with just a few tools. Top tip: if your pallet wood is dirty make sure you give it a good scrub with water and a stiff brush, and let it dry before doing anything else.

2. Coffee Table

DIY coffee table | 5 DIY pallets projects

If you would rather keep it simple, turning a pallet into a low coffee table is the easiest and classiest option. All it takes is some sanding and varnishing. You can paint it if you are feeling extra creative, or just leave it natural looking. Adding wheels to the bottom will give it height and prevent the risk of scratching up your floor.

3. Shelves

DIY cshelves | 5 DIY pallets projects

Gorgeously rustic shelves made from pallets will instantly give character to any room. Left a little chipped and worn, pallets can become shelves with strong character that makes a big statement.

4. Plate Rack

DIY plate rack | 5 DIY pallets projects

Simply by removing some of the slacks and attaching it to a wall, a pallet can become an efficient, and charming plate rack. Obviously will need some proper sanding first.

5. Daybed

DIY daybed | 5 DIY pallets projects

For all you day time nappers out there, turn an old pallet into a cool daybed. After making it with your own two hands you will deserve that afternoon nap!

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