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How to Make a DIY Bike Stand

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Make a DIY bike stand and prevent clutter in your garage. 

How to Make a DIY Bike Stand

My kids and I love biking. When I’m stressed, I hit the road and forget about all my worries. Unfortunately when I come home and park my bike it always seems to fall over. I’m also tired of the kids dropping their bikes wherever they feel like — no matter how many times I scold them about it.  They could easily damage something expensive! DIY to the rescue! Here’s two great DIY bike stand projects I stumbled upon:

1. DIY Bike Storage Rack


(For a six-bike rack, with 16in spacing between bikes.)

  • 8ft 2×4 (two)
  • 8ft 2×6 (three)
  • 3in deck screws (1 pound box)
  • Sandpaper


  • Circular saw*
  • Cordless drill*
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge


1.First, you’ll need to mark and cut the lumber. The 2x6s will be the uprights that hold the wheels. The 2x4s will simply hold those together, so they do not need to be cut. Measure and cut your 2x6s into 24in sections. You should have 12 of them when you are done. These need to be exact, so measure twice, cut once, yada yada.

2.Since the 2x6s will hold the wheels, we want a nice approach/departure angle rather than sharp, square corners. Rather than measure fancy angles, just use one of your 2x4s as a straight edge. Measure a 2×4 width up from the bottom, and then also back from the end. Connect these two marks via your straight edge and voila! you have the angle for you next set of cuts.

3. Mark both ends of all 12 2×6 sections and then carefully cut off the corners. Use sandpaper to remove any splinters left by the saw blade.

4. With all of the 2×6 sections cut and cornered, we’re ready to screw everything together!

5. The 2x4s will fasten to the cut ends of the 2x6s, so two of the 2×6 sections will double as the ends of the rack. Form the shape of the frame by attaching these two end pieces with two screws in each end. They should be straight up and down, and not protrude below the bottom of the 2×4, however, this isn’t fine cabinetry, so don’t go too crazy.

6. With the shape of the rack boxed in, we can now install the rest of the cross pieces. Measure tires. Use your tape measure to make the end slots 2.5in wide, and then from one end, make a mark every 16 inches and mark 1.25in on either side of those. Line up the inner edges of your cross pieces with the outer marks and screw them into place, resulting in a 2.5in tire space. Repeat this for all of the inner slots.

7. That’s it! Place the rack where you want it in the garage, and slide the rear wheels of your bikes into the slots.

(Idea from

2. DIY PVC Bicycle Show Stand


  • 1 – 10′ piece of 3/4 PVC pipe (this is enough for 2 stands)
  • 8 – 3/4 slip tee’s (this is enough for 2 stands)
  • 8 – 3/4 slip elbow’s (this is enough for 2 stands)


  • Tape measure
  • Pen or pencil
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Hacksaw


1.Cut your 3/4 PVC into the correct lengths using a PVC pipe cutter.

2 – 8-1/2″, 2 – 7″, 4 – 5-1/2″

2. You will need to take and cut 2 of the tee’s like so using the hacksaw.

3.Take the uncut tee’s and and insert the 5-1/2″ PVC into each end like so.

4. Take the 4 elbow’s and side them on the other end of the 5-12″ PVC like so.

5. Insert the two 7″ PVC into the other end of the elbows on one of the completed sides like so.

6. Attach the other completed side onto the other ends of the 7″ PVC like so.

7. Insert the two 8-1/2″ PVC into the open spot on the top of the tees like so.

8. Take the 2 tees that you cut in half earlier and attach those to the top of the 8-1/2″ PVC. (This will hold the bicycle pegs up enough to spin freely).

9. Test fit everything before you attempt to cement the pieces together.

10. After you know everything is working and fits together like it should, I recommend cementing the PVC pipes together using this product right here. It can be bought in the same aisle as the PVC piping.

You can do it two ways: cement everything or keep the pegs removable for easy storage, like so.

Voila! Your DIY bike stand is complete. (Idea from


Check this video out for a step-by-step tutorial.

Now you don’t have to worry about your bike falling!

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