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What Not To Buy On Black Friday | 9 Things DIYers Should Avoid On Black Friday

beautiful-woman-shopping-trendy-clothes | What Not To Buy On Black Friday | 9 Things DIYers Should Avoid On Black Friday | Featured

Knowing what not to buy on Black Friday can save DIYers from making those impulse purchases. Before you start shopping, check this list of what not to buy on Black Friday.

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What Not to Buy on Black Friday | Avoid Purchasing These 9 Items

1. Furniture

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If you want to refurbish your home, buying new furniture during Black Friday won’t be a good investment. Save a substantial amount of money and wait for a few more months when the furniture prices are at their lowest.

Tip: Additionally, local retailers do not give huge discounts during Black Friday. Delay your purchase until January, February, or July ’til September when their sales are slow and new stocks arrive.

2. Bedding

Black friday deals | asia-customer-woman-shopping-chooses-bed

You might want to wait until the end of Black Friday before you get new beddings. You’ll notice discounts on comforters and sheets, but you’ll save more when stores deeply mark down their prices in January.

Retailers traditionally launch White Sales during this month to move inventory and attract buyers. Bedding sets reach their lowest prices and you can get 50%-80% more savings.

3. Mattresses

worst black friday deals | woman-medical-mask-shopping-new-bed

For those who are in search of a good night’s sleep, mattresses are still expensive even on Black Friday. A few months after this shopping holiday would be the perfect time to buy this item.

You can get the best deals during President’s Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day when prices of mattresses will drop steeply.

4. Flooring

Black friday | man-chooses-color-new-carpet-according

DIYers who want to renovate their house in time for the holiday season should think twice about buying new flooring during Black Friday. Remodeling later this year or after the new year would yield bigger savings.

Discounts are better and new options will become available come late December or January. For now, you can do some DIY flooring.

5. Off-Brand Electronics

Holiday shopping | smart-customer-buying-new-vacuum-cleaner

If the price of a laptop or flat screen is too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash in purchasing items from unrecognized names if you haven’t done thorough research.

Read online reviews and check why the item is low-priced. You might save a few bucks now, but you might end up spending more to buy a replacement in a few months.

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6. Top-of-the-Line Cameras

Holiday gifts | assistant-seller-help-buyer-by-demonstrating

During Black Friday, you’ll normally see a price reduction of around 26% on the latest models of high-end cameras. However, if you want to get more savings, you’ll have to delay your purchase until after the new year.

Stores are usually clearing out their old models as the new ones arrive.

7. Winter Clothing and Accessories

Holiday season | shopping-outerwear-supermarket

You’ll see tons of clothing sales during Black Friday, but you’ll want to wait longer to get better deals on winter apparel. Clearance racks will be filled with winter items by end of December ’til February. During this time, you’ll find the biggest discounts even on popular brands including accessories and shoes.

8. Holiday Decorations

Black friday shopping | smiling-happy-glad-female-her-daughter

Buying holiday decors on Black Friday is hardly a good deal. At the end-of-season sales, stores normally mark down their items to as much as 50%. Then, discounts continue to rise up to 90% during those huge post-Christmas clearance sales in January.

You might even want to consider purchasing holiday items in bulk as the prices hit rock bottom by this time.

9. Wrapping Supplies

Online shopping | colourful-ribbons-row-gift-wrapping-art what

As you go to your favorite stores to buy presents for your loved ones, you can skip the wrapping paper section. You’ll find discounts on these items on Black Friday, but you’ll get more savings before Christmas.

You can wrap your gifts at the last minute or look for stores offering free wrapping services.

Knowing what not to buy on Black Friday can help you save money and make wise decisions when it comes to your purchases. Learn what a Financial Minimalist buys on Black Friday in this video by Andrei Jikh:

With all the stores dropping their prices like crazy, you can get overwhelmed with all the deals you’ll see. Know what not to buy on Black Friday and focus on things that are actually worth buying.

Which of the items in this list of what not to buy on Black Friday is going to yours as well? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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