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11 Upcycled Bracelet Ideas | DIY Bracelet

Did you know that there are things lying around your house that you can easily upcycle into gorgeous jewelry?11 DIY Bracelet Ideas, see more at

Repurpose and Get FAB! DIY Bracelet Ideas

Want to be unique and stand out fashion-wise from your friends? Or are you simply the type of person who loves to keep old materials and knick knacks around, knowing that there will come a time when they can be put to good use? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I suggest you read on!

I’ve collected  unique and totally awesome ideas for repurposed bracelets. Follow the tutorials and you’ll be a DIY fashionista in no time!

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Fabulous Upcycled Bracelet Ideas

1. T-Shirt DIY Bracelet

Turn your awesome shirt into an awesome bracelet. Watch the video tutorial at diyncrafts.


Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

2. Steel Nut Bracelet

Craftiness can be just a trip to the garage. 🙂 Follow the tutorial here.


3. Ribbon and Washer Bracelet

I can’t wait to look for spare or unused washers in my husbands tool box! Check out the idea here.

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4. DIY Safety Pin Bracelet

Who said that safety pins are just for emergency? Is this diy bracelet totally rocks?! Tutorial via redflycreations.


5. Popsicle Stick Bracelet DIY

A fun DIY craft that your kids and tweens will love. Explained in depth by mollymoo.


6. DIY Can Bracelet

Who knew you could make something so fancy from ordinary old soda cans? Follow the video tutorial at DIY&I.

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7. Plastic Bottle Bracelet

Go green and look good! Recycle plastic bottles into fashionable accessories. Watch this video via fabartdiy


8. Button Bracelet

Cute, simple and funky! Check out the tutorial here.


9. Fork Bracelet

Neat idea via faber.

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10. DIY Leather Bracelet

You only need to take one trip to the thrift store and exercise your imagination to make these fancy looking leather cuffs. Check this idea out at thesitsgirl.


11. Soda Can Tabs Bracelet

Don’t throw those soda tabs away again!  Find this upcycled masterpiece here.


Excited to get started on your first upcycled bracelet?

Try this great DIY kit — it has everything you need to make a gorgeous hex nut bracelet.

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