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How to Make DIY Tassels

How to Make a Tassel Garland | DIY Tassel Projects | DIY

How to Make a Tassel Garland | DIY Tassel Projects | DIY

Tassels are EVERYWHERE lately, because who doesn’t love a little extra flair here and there? They add a delightful element of festivity to a space, and they are also a cinch to make. Read on to learn how to make a tassel garland, as well as a basic tassel. Tassels Tassels Tassels!

How to Make a Tassel Garland | DIY Tassel Projects

How to Make a Tassel Garland


  • Tissue paper (1 20×25 inch sheet makes 4)
  • Rope
  • Scissors


Step 1: Fold and Cut

Take a single sheet of tissue paper, and fold it into quarters. Often tissue paper already comes folded like this. Cut along the fold on both sides so you will have 4 individual sheets to work with, approximately 10″ long and 7.5″ wide. (If your tissue paper is not exactly 20×25 inches that is OK – any size around this will still make terrific tassels!)


Step 2: Snip tassels

With all 4 of your pieces together, fold them in half hamburger style (that’s school-teacher for “portrait”), and start cutting strips of trim out. Cut towards the fold, and leave about 1″ of space between your cuts and the folded edge. Your tassels should be about 1/4″ apart.

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tassel-3 tassel-4

Step 3: Open

Open up your tassels, now they should resemble a sea anemone

How to Make a Tassel Garland | DIY Tassel Projects

Step 4: Roll

Take just one of the cut tassel sheets, and start rolling it up as pictured below.


Step 5: Twist

Once you have rolled your tassel, it should now resemble a Christmas popper. Take it in two hands and start twisting.

tassel-6 tassel-7

Keep twisting until your center is tight and you have nothing but twist and tassel.


Step 6:

Once you’ve twisted enough you can twist it all the way into a loop. Form your loop and wrap the two tasseled ends around each other so they stay in place.

Nice! Repeat until you have made ALL the tassels!


Step 7: Arrange tassels

If you are working with a colorful assortment of tassels as I am, it is always wise to arrange them before stringing them together. Lay them out in a way that is pleasing to you. I opt towards a lineup that looks random but is purposefully aligned so like-colors are a good distance away from each other.tassel-10

Step 8: String tassels

Now string your tassels on your rope. Your rope should be the length of wherever you are going to hang it, plus enough extra to tie on, or dangle down. I always add a yard for good measure, but if you are conserving resources you may only want to add an extra foot.

How to Make a Tassel Garland | DIY Tassel Projects | DIY

Step 9: Hang them up!

I literally just taped these on, but nails could make a prettier end result.

How to Make a Tassel Garland | DIY Tassel Projects | DIY

Hooray, you’re done! It’s PARTY time! – But WAIT – there’s more! You still need to know how to make tassels from yarn, or string.

How to Make a Tassel

How to Make a Tassel

Supplies for making a Tassel:

  • Spool of  yarn…string…thread…rope… You will need at least 5 yards, and  up to 15, depending on size.
  • Scissors


Step 1: Wrap

Wrap yarn (or whatever material you choose) around a solid object. I found a postcard that was 6″ tall. Whatever size object you choose, know that your tassels will be half this height. Because my card is 6 inches tall, my tassel will be 3 inches tall.  Keep wrapping until you have a good thickness on your card. In the sample picture, I am just about there…

I mentioned it takes about 5-10 yards of string to do this. Wow, that sounds like a lot, but  think about it… Each time I wrap all the way around (6 inches front and back) it is 12 inches, or 1 foot. That means 3 times around is 1 yard. Wow, that adds up quickly! Good thing string comes in great big spools! 😉


Step 2: Tie knot

Cut off a few inches of string and tie a knot around your chunk of yarn.


Step 3: Tighten knot

Slip the chunk of yarn off the postcard, or whatever object you used, and pull the string around it tight. knot it together with a square knot.


Step 4: Cut loops

Take your scissors and cut open the loops on each side of the knot. By doing this, you are opening up your tassels – set them free!


Step 5: Form a loop

Cut off another piece of string and form a loop, as pictured. Wrap this loop around your tassel to create the little tassel top, and to hold all the tassel’s strands in place.

tassel-20 tassel-21

Step 6: Done

Tie off the loop so it stays, and tada! You’ve got your very own tassel – hang it wherever you please!

How to Make a Tassel | DIY Tassel Projects | DIY

You can make tassels out of anything, even thread. Some ideas for using these is on scarves, as a zipper pull, on a bag, on pillows, as earrings, as necklaces, as cat toys… I mean, the list goes on and on. Since they take about 2 minutes to make, you might find yourself making more than enough. 🙂 Have fun!

My name is Lisa, I am a crafter here at DIY Projects, as well as my own lifestyle blog, I enjoy thinking outside the box and making DIY tutorials for you – Albert Einstein once said, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” I would love to hear how you are getting creative with your own tassel projects. Let me know in the comments below, or via my instagram and twitter.  Happy crafting!

How to Make a Tassel How to Make a Tassel

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