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11 Makeup Tutorials to Accentuate Your Eyes | DIY Health and Beauty

DIY health and beauty | makeup tutorials

Are you giving your eyes the treatment they deserve? 

11 Makeup Tutorials to Accentuate Your Eyes | DIY Health and Beauty

DIY Health and Beauty | All-Natural Remedies

The eyes are the windows to our soul, so why is it that aside from plopping on some eye cream and wearing sunglasses, we don’t give them the proper care they deserve? When it comes to making your eyes more healthy and beautiful, there are two paths you can take: the au naturale path where your kitchen’s pantry becomes your personal spa or the path of eye creams, serums and more. We’ve rounded up both natural and organic options, as well as product recommendations that are sure to aid whatever path you take.

Because a post on tips to accentuate your eyes wouldn’t be complete without makeup, we’ve included some simple day and nighttime looks that will transform your eyes into showstoppers.

Let’s see what we can start doing to prolong the appearance of youthful eyes!

11 Makeup Tutorials to Accentuate Your Eyes

Use Cucumbers as a Mask

You remember the classic “cucumber slices over the eyes” facial, right? Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties that make them great at reducing inflammation and puffiness. Over time, the rich antioxidant content of cucumbers will reduce the appearance of dark circles. To reap their benefits, cut a cucumber into thin slices and apply for 10-15 minutes over the eyes.

Rose Water Toner

Apply A Rose Water Facial Mist | 11 Beauty Tips To Accentuate Your Eyes, check it out at

There’s no denying that our skin loves rose water. Rose water is soothing on the skin and packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce the signs of aging that begin to creep around our eyes like ivy on a wall (aka crow’s feet). To use rose water in your beauty routine, soak some cotton pads in rose water and place them on the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Almond Oil as a Makeup Remover

Use Almond Oil As A Makeup Remover | 11 Beauty Tips To Accentuate Your Eyes, check it out at

Almond oil doubles as a skin brightener and moisturizer. To care for your eyes with almond oil, simply use it to remove your eye makeup (and facial makeup if you want). Once you’ve massaged it onto your skin, remove the dirt and makeup with a cotton pad or facial cloth and allow the remaining oil to moisturize your skin for the night.

If you’re less into DIY health and beauty routines and more into more contemporary methods of caring for your eyes, here are serums and balms we highly recommend.

Beauty Products We Recommend

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex

This incredible product is available on SkinStore and is formulated to handle any concern you’re looking to treat. It can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease swelling and correct hyperpigmentation. Yes, it is a bit pricey but thankfully a little goes a long way with this product and you can always find coupons for SkinStore on Frugaa.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting BalmCheck out All About Eyes: 11 Makeup Tutorials To Accentuate Your Best Feature at

At a slightly more affordable price than SkinCeutical’s Eye Complex, the lifting balm is another versatile product that can be used to protect and treat the eyes. The science of how it works is driven by a Harvard Medical School Patent and promises to address dark circles and puffiness.

Get The Look

eye makeup tutorial | DIY Health and Beauty

Now that you’ve addressed underlying issues with the right products, you are ready to take the next step in eye beauty: applying the right makeup for the occasion at hand. We’ve put together 3 daytime and 3 nighttime looks to add to your beauty arsenal.

Day Time Beauty Looks


Day: Simple Shimmer

An easy way to brighten the eye area is to sweep a shimmery color over the entire lid and finish with some natural-looking mascara. Makeup Forever is one of the top choices for beauty lovers everywhere and their MUFE Smoky Lash MascaraCheck out All About Eyes: 11 Makeup Tutorials To Accentuate Your Best Feature at is a great choice for this or any look. Boot’s SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara is also excellent for increasing length and adding thickness. Those with hooded eyes should avoid shimmer in the crease.

Day: Matchy-Matchy

Pick a shade the same color as something you’re wearing for a real OOMPH of color to your outfit. Avoid dark colors to keep this daytime-friendly. After you’ve applied your shade, finish the look with some mascara on your upper and bottom lashes. NYX Cosmetics has an endless array of affordable eyeshadow options that are highly pigmented and very blendable.

Day: Keep It Neutral

For a traditional daytime look, pick 3 complementary neutral matte shades. Apply the lightest shade over your lid, the medium shade to your crease (being sure to blend out after each application) and the darkest to the outer corner of your eye. Bobbi Brown is known for her high quality makeup products. Her line of eyeshadows come in gorgeous shades and have major staying power. Finish with your favorite mascara, or the ones suggested above.

Evening Beauty Looks


Night: Smokey Eye

Remember how we asked you to pick 3 complementary shades to create the neutral look? Well, to create this look you’re going to need to do the same. Pick 3 shades in a bolder color, like blue or gray. To increase the smokey effect, pick a shimmery shade as your darkest color, apply eyeliner and smudge away.

Night: Shadow On The Bottom

Applying a brown or gray shadow to your bottom lash line will not only instantly elevate your eye makeup, it will also keep your eyeliner in place. Pick a shade that complements the colors you’ve chosen for your top lid and line your waterline with a dark eye pencil.

Night: More Mascara

Achieve major lash impact by applying a neutral or white shadow on your lid and as much mascara as you can (after you’ve curled your lashes). Finish the look with a bold lip color like a deep plum or fiery red.

With these tricks and product tips you can accentuate the feature that everyone sees first: your eyes. Beating back dark circles, puffiness and other concerns will let your eyes shine. You’ll be sure to feel like a million bucks no matter where you go.


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