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How to Make DIY Vintage Map Coasters

How to Make DIY Vintage Map Coasters
How to Make DIY Vintage Map Coasters
How to Make DIY Vintage Map Coasters


We all live very busy lives that we sometimes forget that it’s okay to get a little R&R once in a while. Travel is one of the best ways to recharge. It’s also very enriching as you get to experience new cultures, meet new people, and gain new understanding about the world. It’s also something that many don’t do much enough of.

Which is why these DIY map coasters from The Domestic Heart will serve as a constant reminder that you need to buy that ticket, pack your suitcase, and let your wanderlust roam.


Ready to make homemade coasters?


Easy homemade coasters.
You can use your dream destinations for personalized coasters.


How to Make DIY Map Coasters:

What you'll need to create personalized coasters
Materials for homemade coasters.

STEP 1: Gather all your supplies. Most of what you need for this project is available at your local home improvement store and craft store. I printed a picture of a map I found online, but you can use old maps if you have one lying around the house.


You can change the image of your homemade coasters.
Trace the tile on the image that you’re going to use for your map coasters.

STEP 2: Place the tiles on top of the map and trace around each one. Cut along the lines.

Keep it smaller than your photo coasters.
Cut the image for your homemade coasters.

STEP 3: You want your map to be slightly smaller than your tile, so that there are a bit of the tile peeking on each side. To get exact measurements, print 3.65 in. squares.  Place them on top of the squares you made from Step 2. Cut out and round the edges with scissors.


Center the image in each of your homemade coasters.
Press from the center going to the side of your map coaster to remove bubbles.

STEP 4: Using the foam brush, apply a moderate amount of glossy Modge Podge on the tile. You want to brush enough Modge Podge that the map sticks to the tile, but not too much that it turns it to mush. Place the map squares at the center of the tile. Remove the bubbles by pressing from the center of the tile going out to the sides. Let it dry for about 30 minutes to one hour.


Keep your homemade coasters waterproof
Waterproof Your Personalized Coasters.

STEP 5: Waterproof your DIY coaster by applying a layer of waterproof topcoat. For added waterproofing, apply 3-4 layers of Modge Podge over the map. Seal the paper by using a generous amount of Modge Podge around the edges of your map coasters. Allow each layer to fully dry before applying the next layer.

STEP 6:  Once dry, spray a layer of polyurethane for extra protection. It also gives your DIY map coasters a great finish.


Avoid scratching your furniture glue felt under your homemade map coasters.
Keep your furniture scratch-free by placing a piece of felt under your map coaster.

STEP 7:  Glue a piece of felt under your map coasters. This will prevent your personalized coasters from scratching your furniture. You can cut one large square or four smaller squares to put in each corner.

Tip: How to Make Personalized Coasters

Travel the world with these map coasters.
See the world with these DIY map coasters.

If you’re going to give these map coasters as a gift, you can personalize them by changing the images. If you’re going to give it to someone adventurous, keep the map design. If you’re giving it to a book lover, pages from old books would be a great way to create personalized coasters. You can also use photos from old cookbooks if you’re making them for a foodie. The possibilities are endless.


Keep inspired by these map coasters.
These map coasters are a great gift for travelers.

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    • Awesome gifts! You can pick your own maps of specific places to use. I made some from my favorite vacation spot! 🙂

  1. I have done this before using ceramic tiles and printed tissue paper. The finish with polyurethane spray is critical – otherwise, the items you put on the coasters will stick, I learned the hard way. Love your idea!


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