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How To Make A Photo Booth For Your New Year’s Eve Party

Planning on hosting a New Year's Eve party? A New Year's Eve party just isn't a party without the pictures to remember it by the next day. Check out this tutorial and learn how to make a photo booth.

If you are throwing a New Year’s Eve bash, a photo booth is a perfect addition to the festivities! They’re excellent for creating family keepsake photos for the New Year. So, be ready to learn how to make your own photo booth and capture the memories with your family and friends.

Setting Up A DIY Photo Booth That Will Save You Money

Photo booths have become a popular addition to weddings, birthdays, and even New Year's Eve parties. Not only do they give guests something to remember the party by, they also help bring them together thanks to goofy props and funny poses.

While you could rent out a photo booth, you could just as easily do it yourself! If you have a camera, tripod, printer and the necessary software, you could easily learn how to make a photo booth to set up at your next party. While this photo booth is themed for New Year's Eve, you can still use this tutorial to learn how to make a photo booth for any occasion.


1. DIY Backdrop

Every picture deserves a worthy background, but that can be difficult to obtain when you're confined to the limited space in your home and backyard. Apartments and lofts are even worse, so what are the options?

Make your own backdrop! That way you can place it in an ideal part of your home with enough space, good lighting, and a great proximity to the party! Here are a few ideas to get you started:


2. DIY Props & Printables

Props and printables are necessary add-ons to any photo booth, allowing the subject(s) to get creative. While there are dozens of tutorials out there, I've narrowed it down to my 6 favorite ones:

I'm also including printables in this section, which come out very inexpensive and can be customized to your liking:



3. Camera, Lights & Other Equipment

Camera & Tripod

While the brand of camera isn't important, you should have an SLR with live view and an AC adapter. Live view is important so you can check the shot in real time, making the process of shooting much more seamless than without. An AC adapter is necessary because photo booths take a toll on your camera, and switching out batteries every hour or so can be an inconvenience. An AC adapter just makes things easier.

Two great options for cameras are the Canon EOS 5D and the Nikon D3300. Both of the stock lenses that come with these cameras work great for the photo booth. Get yourself a wireless shutter as well, which allows the guests to take their own photos. You'll also need to get a tripod, such as the Ravelli APLT4 or Dolica's 62″ Aluminum Proline Tripod. Make sure to also carry around a few extra USB cables, as you never know when one can get fried in the midst of shooting.


While the stock flash on your camera works okay, it's not preferable for photo booths. Instead, you'll need a strobe along with other equipment, such as an umbrella and diffuser. Check out Brian Powell's tutorial on h0w to properly light a photo booth for more information.


Every photo booth needs a printer, but which one? Well, you want one that can handle a heavy load, is compact and can print quickly. Below I've included 7 of our favorite photo booth-friendly printers in no particular order.


Computer & Software

To create the photo booth designs, you'll need a computer (really any computer, your personal laptop should work great) and photo booth software. Check out some of the best software available below:


Other Tips:

  1. Carry around extra USB cables. You never know when one might fry in the middle of shooting.
  2. Use a monitor or iPad so guests can choose pictures. Taking several pictures for the guests to look through before printing is ideal.
  3. Don't shoot at optimal resolution. When you're printing the photos will be optimized, so shooting at a lower-res saves time.


Still want more DIY photo booth ideas? Check out this video from toDIYfor and learn how to set up a super inexpensive and easy DIY photo booths:

There you have it! You are now ready to set up your own photo booth and give your guests a wonderful souvenir of their super fun celebration ever. Just remember, no matter how fancy or simple your photo booth is, it’s always the memories that make the party. Cheers to a happy New Year celebration, everyone!

What backdrop and props are you planning to have for your photo booth? Let me know below in the comments!

Want more helpful tips for photo booths? Check out 20 DIY Photo Booth Ideas and 19 Cool DIY Photo Booth Props!


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