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Make Your Own Felted Soap|Tutorial


Ever wanted to learn how to make felted soap? Felted soaps are awesome and are not difficult to make at home. You can create an array of personal designs with all sorts of different kinds of soaps. Aside from making personalized and handcrafted soap bars, felted soaps has quite a few other added benefits. It helps your soap last longer.

how to make felted soap
How to Make Felted Soap:DIY Felted Soap

how to make felted soap

The felt helps clean your skin better by removing more dead skins cells, like a washcloth or loofa. And the wood is also fast drying hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial Our step by step instructions show you just how easy it is to make felted soap.

It is also a fun project that makes a great gift!

Materials Needed to Make Felted Soap:

  • Bar of soap – any kind you want
  • Wool
  • Felting pen
  • Bowl of hot water
  • Towel
how to make felted soap
Supplies you will need to make felted soap

Step 1: Stretch your wool

Lay out your base wool color. Pull out two long wide pieces of wool and over lap them in the shape of an x.

how to make felted soap
After you have stretched it, your wool should look like this.

Step 2: Cover soap

Lay your soap on top of the wool. Wrap your wool around your soap.

Lay your bar of soap on top of the wool, placing it in the center.
Wrap the wool around the soap.
Then, wrap the wool around your soap like this
how to make felted soap
Finally, wrap the wool around your soap like this to make your felted soap

Step 3: Dip in water

Dip the wool covered soap into your bowl of hot water and start rubbing the water into the wool.

Dip the wool covered soap in the hot water to start felting soap
how to make felted soap
Rub the soap like this to get the wool to felt and stick to it.

how to make felted soap how to make felted soap

Step 4: Felt and lather

Continue rubbing the wool together on all sides of the soap. You will start lathering the soap pretty well. Keep lathering! This is how you felt the wool together to stay around the soap.

how to make felted soap

Step 5: Keep up the lather

Just keep lathering and felting your soap! You will start to feel it some together.

Step 6:  Rinse and dry off

Once you feel your soap is fully felted and doesn’t want to fall off, rinse the suds off and dry with a light pat it dry with a towel.

how to make felted soap
You will dry the soap with a paper towel or towel

Step 7: Add your designs

At this point, you soap is pretty much finished. Now you can take it and felt any kind of design you want into the outside. This is fairly simple. Just take whatever color you want to use, a felting pen, and start pressing the wool into the felted soap with the pen.

how to make felted soap
Your soap has been felted, now it is time to make a design on it
how to make felted soap
You will make a pattern on your soap. We chose to make a moon.
how to make felted soap
Using your felting tool, push the design into the soap.

Step 8: Enjoy your newly felted soap!

Try out your soap, or give it away to your friends and family for gifts.

how to make felted soap
Your felted soap is finished and ready to use or give as a gift

Now that you know how to make felted soap, tell us who you’re gonna give your first creation.

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  1. Dell says

    This is a neat way to use soap. How long did you stay up to think of this one.
    My mother made soap with old Greece and lye in water. Over an out side fire place.
    In looking at your explanation I thought that what I was going to see, boy Was I ever surprised

  2. Donna says

    Totally cool! I didn’t know you could/would/can felt soap!!! My sister has sheep and I’m going to try this ASAP! So excited! I pinned you.

  3. Debbie Wheelehan Rhodes says

    What happens to the felt as the soap shrinks? And does it get clogged with soap scum? I really like this idea, if it doesnt turn into a ball of scummy wool. LOL


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