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Inexpensive DIY Smoker Grill Ideas For Your BBQ Party

Be the best host in your upcoming BBQ party as you brag about your inexpensive DIY smoker grill! Be ready for a creative weekend as you try to re-create the smoker grills featured on this list.

Creative and Easy To Do DIY Smoker Grills for Your Home

Never have second thoughts about enjoying a nice long conversation outdoors, while dining on good food with your own DIY smoker grill. Pop-up your favorite steak or enjoy grilled hot dogs and marshmallows as you explore the flora and fauna on your out of town trip or simply enjoy the sanctuary offered at your very own backyard. You can even bring a new taste and flavor on your next BBQ party with these repurposed smoker grills.


1. Flower Pot Meat Smoker

Terracotta pots can offer more than being the host of your home’s flora. You can actually create a handy and mobile smoker grill from it. Attach a hot plate beneath your charcoal pan. I prefer grilling the outdoor way by using burning coal to cook my favorite steaks and burgers. A matching terracotta cover with handle completes the look.

2. Motor Operated DIY Smoke Grill

Some DIY enthusiasts like me love a few challenges every now and then. An electrically-operated motorized smoke grill is perfect to upgrade my handyman skills. Materials for this project include steel plates, angled iron bars, sprockets and a chain connected to a motor. Bragging level at its highest!

3. Temporary Brick Grills

Having an impromptu BBQ party over the weekend? You might want to consider having temporary brick grills at your backyard. You’ll be able to concentrate on your BBQ recipes without worrying about your grill.

4. Trash Can DIY Smoker Grill

Bore a hole on the trash can’s body where that will fit your coal pan and grill. Create another smaller hole for ventilation and you’re done with your trash can DIY smoker grill. You might want to add a working or non-working gauge on the trash’s body. Locate this above the charcoal pan door for a complete and polished look.

5. Concrete Block Smoker Grill

I prefer the least maintenance in the things I create. Concrete is one of the best materials for a smoker grill that requires no maintenance at all. It’s a fire pit and a smoker at the same time so cooking several pounds of meat in one sitting is a breeze. This can also be a nice backyard project together with Lauren on a long weekend.

6. Metal Drum BBQ Grill

There are two variations of the metal drum home-made grill. The first one is single drum vertical drum smoker grill. The other one is with a separate drum for the fire-power and a different drum where you can attach your grill. Whether you pick either of the two, both DIY projects would be a perfect addition for your BBQ parties at home.

7. Repurposed File Cabinet Smoker Grill

File cabinets are the most common items I see during junkyard sales. I infused a little ingenuity to create a posh and nice-looking smoker grill from these old cabinets. Remove the bottom of the upper layers of the file cabinet and replace them with a grill. The bottom part is where you can attach an electrical fire pit or place wood to fire up your homemade grill.


There is really something special in creating interesting pieces for your home. Most of my inspiration for this project were from how this guy who transformed a metal drum into his own personal BBQ grill!

I always love BBQ parties and it is one of the most fun gatherings I host at home. Adding a personal touch and a conversational piece like a DIY smoker grill initiates great conversation with friends.

Planning a BBQ party this weekend? Which DIY smoker grill caught your eye? Share us your favorites in the comment section below.

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