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3 Hot Winter Makeup Looks You Can Easily Do Yourself

Enjoy creating these winter makeup looks by using materials we see in our crafting kits–sequins, glitters, and crystals. Read on to know how!

Whether you're having a casual night out with some friends or going to a party, put a festive twist on your usual makeup with these easy winter makeup looks. You'll definitely heat things up and look absolutely glamorous this cold season!

Recreate Winter Makeup Looks With DIY Materials

Winter makeup looks are one of my favorites because it’s a perfect time for me to experiment with all of my shadow and liners – I get to be really extravagant with them, as in extravagant and use DIY materials!

This year, don't subdue your look with demure pastel colors and muted makeup — go glam! Bold, glam style is in this winter season, and I'm here to provide some easy DIY tips to stay on-point, fashion-wise.

Based on a post from Allure, I've provided you with 3 DIY ways to get recreate of the experimental looks this winter season using craft materials. Read on and start rockin' your holiday style.


1. Crystals

When it comes to wearing rhinestones on your face, placement is everything! Confine crystals to the area around your eyes and keep them about the size of your pupil or smaller. Crystals are available at most craft stores and you can easily glue them on the lids or along the lash lines using Eyelash Adhesive so they stay put all day.



2. Temporary Gilting

Full-body temporary tats are now a thing (RE: Coachella), but you can make your own customized faux face tattoo designs with this easy DIY technique: Start with double-sided wig tape, such as Vapon Topstick. Cut the strips into the shapes and sizes you want, dust one side of the adhesive with loose glitter (Kendal tells Allure she uses Make Up For Ever Glitters, which come in several colors), and stick the other, clean side of the tape to your skin.



3. Paillettes

Sequins look incredibly cool as “face decor,” but aren't always so easy to apply. It's used by many makeup artists backstage–painstakingly using tweezers to individually pick up and place paillettes on models' faces. To make things easier, brush a thin film of eyelash glue on your lids, press your finger into a small pile of sequins (Make Up For Ever Extra Large Size Glitters are perfect) to pick some up, and then dab them on your coated lids and voila! You're done.


Let's watch this video from Linda Hallberg and learn how to do bold winter makeup looks:

When it comes to winter makeup looks, you need to keep an open mind – never say never. So, fondle the bright color this season and beat the winter dullness with some bold and glamorous makeup looks! For me, nothing is off limits for makeup. All is in as long as you can pull it off!


Which of these hot winter makeup looks are you excited to wear? Let me know in the comments below!
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Featured image via Linda Hallberg


  1. Winter looks are the best! I can’t get enough of the bold, warm colours that perfectly match the season. What’s even more exciting is that I recently discovered how amazing pailettes can be when incorporated into winter fashion. It’s a little secret that I had no idea about, but now I’m obsessed!

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