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10 DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to reinvent your cement floors? Check out these ten great DIY home ideas that are sure to get you in the right mood for your next renovation.

10 DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors! See them all at DIY Projects

10 DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors

Concrete doesn't have to be cold and boring; and hiring someone to install flooring can be so much costly. So why not get creative and make your boring concrete floor shine? Create a modern, warm living space into your home with these 10 DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors. Check this out!


1. Acid Stain Concrete Flooring

Acid staining is simple and gives you a one of a kind and inexpensive new solid floor covering. Check it out here.

2. Screen Printed Art Paper Flooring

Give your concrete floor a brand-new look with screen printed art. See how here.

3. Painted Concrete Floors

Such a neat idea and they look great. See how you can make it here.

4. Leather Belt Flooring

Recycled leather belts turned into flooring is a twist, a great DIY project. Check it out here.

5. Brown Paper Flooring

This paper floor technique is easy and inexpensive with minimal effort. Instructions here.



6. Paint Concrete to Look Like Brick

Painting concrete to look like brick takes just a few hours of work. Get the instructions here.

7. Penny Flooring

Use pennies to create a beautiful metallic look. Make it with this tutorial.

8. Repaint Then Stencil Vinyl Flooring

This would have been a good solution in our old house. Tutorial here.

9. DIY Stenciled Cement Flooring

Add a stencil to your solid painted concrete flooring to dress it up a bit. Check it out here.

10. Bottle Cap Flooring

A floor made of beer bottle caps? I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Get the instructions here.


Are you up for one more DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors? Check this video from MsDreamcakes and learn how to use brown shipping paper as Flooring!

Did you enjoy our list of DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors? Let us know below in the comments! 

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