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Brighten Up Your Home With This DIY Mason Jar Lights

Nowadays, you see mason jars almost everywhere. Apart from their main function as a storage item, they can even be used as decorations for your home. It’s not so surprising to know that because mason jars are highly useful. You can drink with it, store items in it, save food in it, or even upgrade it into being a decorative item. What you might miss is that mason jars can also make good lighting for your home. Get crafty and efficient at the same time by doing just one project – the DIY mason jar light! Provide a taste of creativity to a daily function with this nifty DIY project.

Brighten Up Your Home With This DIY Mason Jar Lights

Add appeal in lighting up your humble abode

Lights are indeed the light, and we are forever dependent on it. With lights being functional day in and day out, it won’t hurt if we make it a little appealing than the usual. It can easily be done by making a DIY mason jar light. You might have a few more mason jars just sitting around waiting to be used and stored, grab those and get this project started. Read below to know what else you would need and how to do this worthwhile project.


  • Mason Jar
  • Clamp Light Fixture
  • Light bulb
  • Nail
  • Marker


  • Sandpaper
  • Hammer
  • Cutting board


1. Create an opening for the light fixture.

Place lid on the cutting board. Remove the socket and trace it onto the lid. Hammer the nail onto the lid, following the marked circle. Remove the round cut out.

2. Sand the cover.

Smooth out the edges where the round cut out was removed.

3. Assemble.

Place the end of the socket through the lid. Screw in the light bulb. Seal the mason jar with the light in.

DIY Mason Jar Lights


Plug it in and there you go: a cool DIY Mason Jar Light!

Here is the full video tutorial of this awesome DIY lighting project:

It’s really easy and cheap but so worth it! Hang it in your room, working space, living room, or even outside by the porch. You have just made your lighting game a notch higher.

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