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Ingenious Way to Hack A Lock with A Soda Can

You can call me “Grandpa” or whatever, but I admit that I forget things. Who doesn’t? The thing is, losing keys is what you may call as one of my fortes. And when you’re caught in that situation, breaking it by force might seem to be the best solution but it will definitely be NOT the easiest one. So when you’re trapped and stuck. What do you do first? Grab a cold canned soda, drink and read on.

Ingenious Way To Hack A Lock with A Soda Can

How To Open A Lock With A Can of Soda

Trying to get past a padlock, but you don’t have the key? People hardly uses padlock nowadays but let’s go old school with this tutorial. Worry no more as we teach you how to make a soda “can” into a lock “opener”. See what I did there? It’s just a matter of wits and precision. With just a few cuts and folds, you will learn an incredible way to hack a padlock by using a single can of soda.


  • scissors
  • an empty soda can
  • ruler
  • marker
  • padlock

Step 1. Cut A Portion.

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Begin by cutting a portion of the empty soda can with a scissor. All sides should be cut straight.

Tip: Try to hold on the middle part. The sides are very sharp and can cut your skin!

Step 2. Draw a rectangle.

Draw a rectangle on the soda shim with your marker. Use a ruler to measure 5 cm. by 1 cm. on its sides.

Step 3. Draw a square.

Draw a square right beside the middle portion of the rectangle. All sides must have a measurement of an exact 1 cm.

Step 4. Cut the shape.

Cut the shape drawn forming like a letter “T” then cut both edges of the square diagonally.

Step 5. Wrap the shim around.

To unlock the padlock, wrap the shim around the loop of the lock where it opens with the square portion of the shim pointing downwards.

Step 6. Push and twist.

Check out Ingenious Way to Hack A Lock with A Soda Can at

Push the shim down and twist. Repeat until the padlock finally clicks and unlocks!

Here’s the full tutorial video on how to do this padlock breaker hack by Roman UrsuHack.

Learning this hack will certainly change the way how you think about the security you can get from a padlock. However, to look at the glass half full, it will help you get out from unlikely emergency situations too. As what our friendly neighborhood Spiderman once said in one of his franchised movies: “Great power comes with great responsibility.” So use this skill wisely and make sure that it’s YOUR padlock you’re breaking into.

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  1. CEDRICWARD says

    Had my Airstream trailer burglarized in a storage facility. It was locked with a padlock which they somehow opened. They took thousands of dollars of my possessions then threw what they didn’t want back in the trailer which now looked like a landfill. They then shut the door and put the pad lock back on. I didn’t know I had been robbed for months until I took the trailer out of the storage facility (the facility had many security cameras but didn’t notice several people with a large vehicle and several people taking a long time breaking into my trailer). They only kept their videos for two weeks and they had been written over for several months making it impossible to see who the robbers were..

    Giving this information out to the public is a dis-service to the public who have a difficult enough time trying to secure their possessions and homes.

    This only gives robbers a new tool to make their criminal activities easier to conduct.

    I’m 72 and living on $700 a month after having my life savings stolen by John Corzine at MFGlobal in 2010 and have no way to replace what was stolen.

    I hope the robbers meet their maker soon and rot in hell for eternity.


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