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DIY Garage Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Check out these garage storage ideas to clean up the mess! Is your garage driving you crazy with all the out-of-hand messes? Here are the best garage improvement projects to spruce up your garage!

 13 DIY Garage Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space! See them all at DIY Projects

13 DIY Garage Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Revamping your garage space doesn’t have to be costly. There are a lot of things you can do to use this space that cost you nothing but a little time. We have found some brilliant and cheap DIY garage storage ideas that can quickly get your garage in good order!


1. DIY Garage Ball Storage Rack

This is a perfect rack to organize all your sports balls and get them out of the way. Free up your floor space by dunking all your balls in this one easy-to-use spot. Click here to learn how to create this DIY Garage Ball Storage Rack.

2. Install Garage Cabinets

Cabinets are great for storing things and keeping the garage neat and tidy. Installation of cabinets is not that difficult, in fact, you can do it by yourself. Learn from this tutorial.

3. Hang Mason Jars from Shelf for Storage

Keep all small items for the garage, like nails and screws organized by upcycling and repurposing empty mason jars and mount them underneath shelving. Click to learn more on how to organize your space with Mason Jars.

4. Create Overhead Hanging Storage Space

Get stuff off the floor and give everything a place of its own. Use plastic bins to stash seasonal items and label each clearly to avoid having to dig around. Check out the tutorial here.

5. Floor Tile as a Wall Covering

Clean up your garage space by simply adding tiles to the walls. Apply the tile to the wall just like applying it to the floor. See how to install Simple Tile Flooring for Your Garage.

6. Painting Steps to Spruce Up Garage Space

Try to add a bit of color in your garage to help make your space a bit less boring and a bit more attractive. Check it out here!

7. Use Magnetic Strips to Hold Bits

Magnetic holders help secure tools organized, handy and in the right place where you can just grab those drill bits when you need it. Check out how to mount your Magnetic Bit Rack here.

8. Create a Pegboard Wall

Pegboards are one of the most low-cost storage options for hanging tools and other lightweight objects. It provides a convenient way to keep items in place. Learn how to install a pegboard wall here.

9. Create a Peg Rail Organizer

This is a great DIY solution for tool storage in your garage. This keeps everything off the ground and enjoy having a place for everything. Learn how to make your peg rail organizer here!

10. Use Plastic Tubs and Group Like Things

Inexpensive plastic tubs are a perfect solution to hide clutter and group like items together to make items easier to find. Check it out here!

11. Hang Bikes on Walls

Utilizing wall space is a great way to organize multiple bikes. Hooks are easy to install on your concrete walls to hang your bikes – keeping them out of the way until you need them. Check it out here!

12. Make a Wooden Tape Dispenser

Keep all your tapes in the same place and perfectly organized. This is a brilliant idea to add to your garage home improvement projects list. Learn how to create your own tape dispenser here!

13. Shove Rack to Organize Garden Tools

Keep your garden and landscaping tools organized by putting them up and off the floor. Here’s how to build this compact shovel rack.


Did you enjoy our list of DIY garage storage ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these projects.

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