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12 Cutest DIY Fairy Garden Ideas and Kits

Looking for fairy garden kit and ideas on how to make your own fairy garden? If you need some inspiration to share with you kids, this is your list!

Fairy Garden Ideas and Kits

12 Cutest DIY Fairy Garden Ideas and Kits

I can still remember the day when my daughter and I made a fairy garden. We didn’t have any kits then, just a couple of her old toys and a large garden pot. It was a great bonding experience. Now, you can pretty much order a fairy garden kit and with a little imagination and creativity, make a DIY fairy garden for your backyard. It’s a great crafting project for kids and kids at heart alike. So if you’re looking for some, continue scrolling. And if you need some guidance, here are 7 Tips for Making a DIY Fairy Garden I’m sure you’ll find useful.


1. Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Got an old bird bath? Add some soil and turn it into a lovely fairy garden. See it here.


2. $20 Fairy Garden

Create something beautiful without having to break the bank. See it for yourself here.


3. Miniature Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Need a little something to get you started, this starter kit will get the job done. Get it here.


4. Stump Fairy Garden

Do you have a stump lying around? It may sound like a weird question but it makes a stunning fairy garden. See it here.


5. Teacup Fairy Garden

This may be the sweetest ever. Great indoor, outdoor or even as a gift. Check it out here.


6. Miniature Succulent Garden

A garden with succulents. A great hit for your garden and with the kids. Get the tutorial here.


7. Tide Pool Container Fairy Garden

Fairies like to wade in a pool too and how can I ever forget to use a mason jar for a fairy garden DIY? 🙂


8. Backyard Fairy Garden

Create a magical place for the fairies on your backyard by having your kids assemble this fairy garden. It’s great for their development. Check it here.


9. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

No need to throw away broken pots. Here’s a great way to upcycle them.


10. Circus Themed Fairy Garden

Life’s a circus. This is a great theme for your garden. View it here.


11. Fairy Garden Pot

A cute and magical DIY project that’s perfect for your garden decoration collection. Tutorial here.


12. DIY Fairy Garden Kit

Holding your little girl’s party? These fairy garden kits will be a great giveaway idea. 


Want to share some fairy garden hacks to your kids? Then watch this video from DreamWorksTV:


Did this list inspire you to make your own fairy garden? Let us know below in the comments!

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