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Poll: What Are You Most Excited About This Thanksgiving?

Hi y’all! Turkey Day is creeping up on us fast. We at DIY Projects want to know: What are you most excited about this Thanksgiving?

Is it a big ol’ roasted turkey, carb-o-liscious side dishes, quality time with the family, a few extra precious hours of sleep? Answer our poll and let’s find out what the crafty DIY Projects community is most looking forward to on Nov. 24.

Poll: What’s Getting You Gobbling This Thanksgiving?

Before we all pause with our loved-ones this coming Thursday, let’s do this poll first. I’m just a little curious about what everyone looks forward to this year’s Thanksgiving Day. Things might be a routine for some– Cook, Serve, Eat, then repeat next year… but I believe this holiday is more than just filling the tummies. It’s always good to pause, and count our blessings and give thanks. After all, this is what this American tradition is all about.

So go ahead, and take this poll.

Thank you for participating the poll. In behalf of DIY Projects, I just want to wish y’all wonderful time with your family and friends. Let’s be grateful we have them in our lives.

You can also share your favorite Thanksgiving meal  in the comments section below.

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

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