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How to Embellish Pillows | French Knot Embroidery DIY

learn how to make curtains and give your home a makeover with this DIY tutorial

 How to Make Curtains | Home Makeover Tutorial

Lesson 14 | Embellish Pillows – French Knot Embroidery

Adding embellishments and texture to a pillow, curtain, dish towel, or really any home accessory made of fabric, is a wonderful way of making it more valuable and interesting to look at. Embroidering may take time, but with the TV on, or a great conversation flowing, time will pass by with ease and a wonderful product will become of these patient stitches.

In the next few lessons you will learn the French Knot, The Chain Stitch, How to Stencil, and how to create your own felt appliques for endless personalized pillows and curtains.

Curtains & Pillows Resize 21

Embellishment #1 – The French Knot:

The French knot is done by twisting thread into tiny knots to add as decorative elements. this embroidery technique is often used to add eyes to small dolls or toys. Here it’s purpose is to add pollen-like elements to our floral pillow. Excellent tutorial here.

We’ve got more beautiful embellishing ideas coming up next! Click the links below to navigate to the next lesson or  go back to the Table of Contents.


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This is Lesson 14 of our How to Make Curtains Online Course: Embellish Pillows with a French Knot. It’s part of our free Home Makeover Tutorials package! We want you to be able to fill your homes with amazing handmade diy crafts that you know how to sew yourselves! Our hope is that these sewing patterns and ideas inspire you to redecorate your living space and ultimately create your dream home! Imagine a personalized stylish home decorated exactly to your liking. Come home happy and enjoy the accomplished feeling of “I made this.” Here at DIY Projects we love inspiring dreams, and encouraging craftiness in all aspects of life. Be sure to subscribe to our social medias to stay connected on all things made by hand! Join us on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.



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